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This week’s Call of Duty Warzone Pacific update patch notes are here

December 15th Warzone update 1.50 nerfs the AR Hotel and stops weapon duplication

Updated: Dec 15, 2021 9:19 am
This week’s Call of Duty Warzone Pacific update patch notes are here

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Another patch has come in for the New COD Warzone Pacific on December 15th. The Warzone 1.50 update patch notes reveal a bunch more bug fixes for the new Caldera map, as well as an announcement from Team Ricochet.

COD Warzone Pacific update patch notes — December 15th, 2021

Warzone Pacific Vanguard release time patch notes

Weapon changes

A small change you might notice following Warzone update 1.50 is that the Type 100 (VG) 8mm Nambu 20 Round Mags attachment has been renamed to its correct title of Nambu 30 Round Mags.

Otherwise, the Assault Rifle Hotel, the Warzone weapon seeing the most changes in these patch notes, has had its recoil increased slightly. Keep reading to see changes to some of its attachments.

Meanwhile, the Light Machine Gun Charlie has been changed again. This time, the Neck Damage Multiplier has now decreased, from 1.5 to 1.4, so now causes slightly less damage when hitting an opponent in the neck.

Attachment adjustments

Two magazine attachments for the Assault Rifle Hotel have now been brought more in line with other attachments and each other. The 6.5mm Sakura 75 Round Drum has been slightly nerfed, while the 8mm Klauser Rifle 50 Round Mag has been buffed by a small amount.

Firstly, Move Speed when using the 6.5mm Sakura 75 Round Drums mag on the AR Hotel has decreased by 2%. Similarly, ADS Move Speed has been reduced by 3%.

In contrast, when utilising the 8mm Klauser Rifle 50 Round mag on the AR Hotel, Move Speed will have increased by 2%. ADS Move Speed, on the other hand, has been improved by 2%.

Bug Fixes — COD Warzone update 1.50 patch notes

Call of Duty update 1.50 warzone update patch notes
  • Collision issues across the Caldera map which allowed Players to shoot through some elements have now been fixed.
  • An issue which allowed Players to duplicate Weapons has also been resolved.
  • Some Players experienced framerate drops when respawning with a Player Title and Calling Card Frame, this has now been resolved.
  • Fixed an issue with Voice Chat settings reverting back to Default Communication Device.
  • A problem preventing Vanguard Seasonal Challenges from appearing or tracking correctly has been resolved.
  • Fixed an issue allowing Players to infil prematurely, and another causing Players to unintentionally ADS-in and ADS-out.
  • The recoil on the EM2 was not properly increased, but has now been fixed.
  • A problem causing the k98 Scout 10.0x Telescopic Optic to incorrectly increase Aim Down Sight Speeds has now been patched.

See the full patch notes on Raven Software’s website, and check their Trello board for all known live issues.

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