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Call of Duty 2022: Infinity Ward are developing

Will it be Modern Warfare 2?

Updated: Feb 4, 2022 1:24 am
Call of Duty 2022: Infinity Ward are developing

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The yearly release of Call of Duty isn’t stopping any time soon. Whatever Microsoft’s plans for the series, CoD is set to keep on trucking into 2022. And this year’s release will be handled by series veterans Infinity Ward. Their involvement has been confirmed by the official Infinity War twitter.

Infinity Ward’s franchise history

Infinity Ward’s involvement in fantastic news for Call of Duty fans. Particularly those invested in the Modern Warfare subseries. For a time, Infinity Ward ventured away from this line of games, following the conclusion of the original Modern Warfare trilogy. Following up such a fan-favourite series was no easy feat, but Infinity Ward did their best. Rather than playing things safe and sticking to the era they knew worked, the developers threw caution to the wind and pushed Call of Duty in interesting directions. Call of Duty: Ghosts paved the way for 2016’s Infinite Warfare; a significant departure from the series’ original historical setting.

It may have been foolish to return to the Modern Warfare well after this, but that didn’t stop Infinity Ward. The developers knocked it out of the park in returning to their flagship series. They succeeded in putting a new spin on fan-favourite Captain Price, and the new characters all held a surprising amount of depth. Not to mention interesting points of view that the series had never covered before. Combined with the high-stakes gunplay the series is best known for, Modern Warfare was riding high once again.

Call of Duty: Future Warfare

So, is Infinity Ward set to follow up on 2019’s Modern Warfare? While by no means a sure bet, it is still a likely one. Following up on Call of Duty Vanguard’s historical setting with a modern one is a great way to keep the series fresh. And Modern Warfare was highly successful, in spite of being temporarily mired in controversy. If rumours are to be believed, not only is Modern Warfare 2 real, but 10 other develops are assisting Infinity Ward in its production.

 Though Modern Warfare’s legacy is a lot to live up to, hopefully Infinity Ward will be able to keep the series’ spirit alive.

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