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Modern Warfare 2 maps & MW2 maps we hope to see

What MW2 maps are in the game?

Updated: Oct 28, 2022 9:13 am
Modern Warfare 2 maps & MW2 maps we hope to see

With the Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 release date now in sight, the anticipation continues to build around the Modern Warfare 2 maps.

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We have all we know about the maps already in the game, along with some discussion on what we’d quite like to see in the game going forward.

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Modern Warfare 2 Maps 2022: Confirmed

modern warfare 2 multiplayer maps breenbergh hotel 550x309 1

Here are all the Modern Warfare 2 maps in the game!

  • Breenbergh Hotel
  • Farm 18
  • Marina Bay
  • Mercado Las Almas
  • Valderas Museum
  • Crown Railway (Grand Prix)
  • Es Asilo
  • Al Bagra Fortress
  • Embassy
  • Santa Sena Border Crossing
  • Taraq

There’s also the addition of massive battle maps, of which there’s only two:

  • Zarqwa Hydroelectric
  • Al Bagra Fortress

What Are Battle Maps?

Battle Maps are maps that allow for up to 64 players at any one time, meaning there’s 32 people on either side.

The following maps have been confirmed

Modern Warfare 2 maps we want remastered

While the multiplayer maps on the original Modern Warfare 2 were nowhere near as good as the CoD4 classics (Crash, District, Strike, Crossfire), there were still a few that offered some fun.

The game became less known for its competitive play and that was largely due to the direction map creators went, removing the 3-lane nature we saw from CoD4, in favor of multi-dimensional, cluttered, immersive maps instead.

Hopefully, some of the rumored maps above will bring in that 3-lane esport-style map for the competitive players out there that want to search and destroy.

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Seeing how the franchise has been over the last decade, we won’t be holding our breath, so if its just plain-old fun we have to look forward to then we would love to see these maps remastered:

  • Favela
  • Terminal
  • Highrise
  • Rust

We cannot wait to get our hands on the beta, Call of Duty is always one of the most anticipated games of the year.

The franchise has been a bit disappointing of late, with Warzone offering CoD fans a bit more in recent times.

We hope that Modern Warfare 2 breaks the mold and brings a bit of pride back to the famous name, a surefire way to do that is by nailing the MW2 maps from the get-go.

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