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Call Of Duty Vanguard Gamescom Campaign Gameplay

Gamescom Call Of Duty Vanguard Stalingrad demo play-through

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Ever since the leaks for Call Of Duty Vanguard started appearing, the hype around the game has been unstoppable.  Well, Gamescom is finally here and it looks as though we are being treated to some Vanguard campaign gameplay footage in an extended demo! The new Call Of Duty has a free alpha this weekend for those on Playstation, with a Beta to follow in September. Vanguard is going to feature crossplay and has got the gaming world all riled up, hoping for something that restores a bit of pride to the franchise, and faith to the fans.

Call Of Duty Vanguard Campaign Gameplay Footage

Call Of Duty Vanguard Campaign Length

Until we get the fully released copy of Call Of Duty Vanguard, there is no way of knowing what length the campaign is going to be. The two previous titles (Cold War & MW2019) were two of the shortest, lasting a mere 5 or 6 hours. This time around, with actual-world events being the main theme, you’d like to think the campaign is going to be nailed, plus we have already been shown you get to play all over the world, which has to make this game longer than its predecessors.

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