Carrion Release Date, Rumors, And News

Carrion Release Date

We’ve finally got confirmation of the release date for Carrion. At Devolver Digital’s recent Devolver Direct Stream, they showed a trailer confirming that Carrion will be coming out on July 23rd. They’ve also updated the game’s Steam page to reflect this confirmed release date.

Carrion was first shown in the form of a GIF tease back in November 2017.

The lead developer, who goes by “kroskiewicz” on twitter has just recently expressed their excitement for the approaching release, with this tweet suggesting that the release is not far away at all:

Carrion Trailers

The game’s titular tentacled monstrosity did appear at E3 2019 for part of Devolver Digital’s E3 presence last year. There’s an extended Q&A with the hideous beast over on Devolver’s youtube channel

There was also this trailer from 2019 when the announcement came that Devolver Digital had signed the game.

Then the more recent trailer confirming the release date is here.

And lastly, there is the launch trailer, with a cool animated style.

Carrion Gameplay

This is a game that turns the tables on the classic movie monster setup, where instead of fighting off a mysterious powerful force, you inhabit one. You’re lurking in the darkness, and using your tentacles wall clinging abilities to take out squads of armed but ultimately underpowered feeble humans. It’s darkly comedic, and they’ve absolutely nailed the look and feel of the game.

The game has been made available to players in the form of several time-limited demos available on Steam. Here’s a full playthrough of the demo that was released in June 2020:

Carrion Minimum and Recommended Specs

Carrion is a game with a strong visual identity and a very original style, but it is not a game that will be taxing on your system. It’s designed to run on basically any modern PC. Here are the minimum specs:

OS: Windows 7 SP1
Processor: 2 core processor
Memory: 1024 MB RAM
Graphics: compatible with OpenGL 3.0
Storage: 500 MB available space

Basically any system that can run a modern web browser or basic 2D games. Any system from our PC Build guide would be up to this task.

Final Word

We’re waiting with bated breath for the final release of for Carrion, and it’s not long off now. Stick with Wepc for all the latest game news.