Get A Cheap Gaming Chair With The Secret Lab Sale

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If you’re still stuck on an old and weathered office chair, standing up every hour to stretch out your aching back – then it’s probably time to upgrade your setup. Gaming chairs have become incredibly popular in the last few years, and we’ve seen a number of companies and brands begin to appear out of the woodwork. But, throughout it all, we’ve always been big fans of Secret Labs and their high-quality gaming chairs.

So, when we learned they were running a sitewide sale on some of the best gaming chair options available, we jumped at the chance to get in on the action. And, we thought it only fair to share the secret with you.

Secret Labs Gaming Chairs

Secret Labs have been making gaming chairs for nearly six years now, and it’s safe to say they know what they’re doing. They produce some of the best gaming chairs around, and we’ve got more than one of their chairs here in the WePC offices. 

If you’ve never owned a gaming chair before, you’ve really been missing out. Despite some people’s opinions, we really believe that the answer to “Are Gaming Chairs Worth It?” is a firm yes. But, the one area we know makes them less accessible for many of us is their hefty price tags. Which is why this site-wide sale is so exciting.

Get A Cheap Gaming Chair

The Secret Lab sale is site-wide and is offering a €25 discount AND free shipping on all their amazing gaming chairs. The offer is live right now and will stay active until the end of the day on 11.11, so you don’t have long to get in there.

If you do miss out on the sale, come back and see if there are any more deals going live throughout Black Friday or Cyber Monday, and you might just get lucky again!

Which Gaming Chair Is Best?

Personally, we like all of the gaming chairs that Secret Lab makes, but we have been able to personally put a couple of them through their paces here in the office (The Omega even has its own review). Here’s a quick breakdown of the chairs available.

The Secret Lab Throne Gaming Chair

Their budget option starts at €329 and is available in four color options. This is the chair most suitable for people of smaller builds with the recommended height being 145 – 165cm and the max weight is 100kg.

The Secret Lab Omega Gaming Chair

Their mid-range chair was a big hit when we did our hands-on review here in the office, and for a good reason. This chair starts at €359 and comes in 23 design options including Game of Thrones and Overwatch designs. It is ideal for medium builds and advertises a recommended height of 160 – 180 cm and a max weight of 110kg.

The Secret Lab Titan Gaming Chair

Finally, is their premium option. The Titan starts at €399 and comes with 21 design options, similar to the Omega. This chair is perfect for heavier builds, as the more structured and supportive design can handle a max weight of 130kg, and recommends heights between 175 – 200cm. 

Final Word

If you’re in the market for a new gaming chair, this is the perfect time to get your hands on something high-quality while still being able to save a bit of money. Let us know if you buy one of these Secret Labs gaming chairs in the comments below, or check in with the WePC Community to see what others are saying!

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