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Get the cheapest Elden Ring pre-order in the UK for just £39.99 at Currys

Ohhhh, cheap pre-orders

Updated: Feb 22, 2022 4:20 pm
Get the cheapest Elden Ring pre-order in the UK for just £39.99 at Currys

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If you’re after the cheapest Elden Ring pre-order ahead of the game’s official launch on Friday, Currys in the UK is currently running an offer that could net you the game for just £39.99, a completely unreal price when first-party titles on the PlayStation 5 cost near enough £70 on launch. The next closest retailers have the game stocked at £44.99 for the normal and Launch Editions of the game, so you will have to just double-check that you’re going to get the version that you want from Currys, as it appears that the Launch Edition is sold out at that particular retailer.

All that you need to do is ensure that you enter the code ‘SWNEXTDAY‘ at checkout to bump the price down to £39.99 from £44.99. If you pre-order now, you will get the game for launch day this Friday.

If you’re in the US and looking for the cheapest Elden Ring pre-order, we’ve also got it covered right here.

FromSoftware has just revealed the final trailer for the game, which promises oodles of impressive-looking areas, and abilities to use throughout your adventure. If you’re still not sold after watching that, this might not be the game for you. Be sure to check out our links above for the cheapest Elden Ring pre-order if you’re keen. Afterwards, Check out our Elden Ring hub to find out more from the knowledgeable folks over at WePC Gaming. For those of you going the digital route, check out all of the preload times that you can find here, in addition to when the game actually unlocks. If you’re intimidated by Elden Ring’s huge open world and seemingly unforgiving nature, you can instead suckle on Horizon Forbidden West’s simple open-world template style instead.

What’s in the Launch Edition of Elden Ring?

elden ring launch edition

The launch edition of Elden Ring includes several additions that you don’t want to miss out on if you’re a fan of bundled goodies. It doesn’t offer any pieces of exclusive gear to use in-game, but instead offers the following:

  • Three Art cards adorned with illustrations of the scenery in The Lands Between
  • A woven patch featuring the Elden Ring
  • Three stickers, which feature emblems from the game
  • An exlusive poster featuring a ‘Hero from the past’

While it’s not anything to write home about, it’s completely free with some versions of the game. Unfortunately, it looks like Currys has run out of PS5 launch editions, meaning that you’ll have to grab the PS4 version if you want any of these extra goodies, but don’t fret, as that is still priced as the cheapest Elden Ring pre-order, too.

Free next-gen upgrade

Elden Ring Incantation

With the PS5 version of the Launch Edition seemingly sold out at Currys, you can instead grab the PS4 version, which you’re then able to upgrade to the PS5 version once the game has finally been released. The PS4 version is still at the cheapest Elden Ring pre-order pricing. This means that you won’t actually lose out, or pay out of pocket for the next-gen version of the game if you’re after a copy. The Xbox versions of the game are all cross-compatible between consoles, so no headaches there if you’re looking for something that will work on any of your Xbox consoles.

What editions of Elden Ring are there?

Elden Ring comes in Launch Editions, Digital Deluxe Editions, Collector’s Edition and a Bandai-exclusive Premium Collector’s Edition. We’ve rounded them all up in addition to pre-order bonuses here. Ultimately, they all come with the game, so it depends if you’re a collector who has an eye for getting all the nice memorabilia that the publisher intends to package within the game. Again, the cheapest Elden Ring pre-order is going to be at Currys in the UK. For our American friends, you might have to wait until a discount below RRP.

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