Clash Heroes release date: latest news

Another addition to the Clash series is out soon, here's what we know so far about Clash Heroes.

Clash Heroes

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Finnish developers, Supercell aren’t done with the Clash series. In fact, last April they went on to announce three new games to their mobile gaming franchise. Developers have said they want to expand their audience, and appeal to a wider genre. As such, they’re releasing new games in the same world, but different genres.

After all, Supercell have done exceedingly well in the mobile gaming field. With their first release, Clash of Clans, garnering quite the following. And an active userbase even after years of its release. Then, they released Clash Royale which was equally as popular. But now it seems as though Supercell want to bring in a wider audience. Thus they’ve released three new games. Clash Mini, Clash Quest and Clash Heroes.

Each of which is a different genre of game but featuring the same art style, characters and setting as the original Clash of Clans. For example, Clash Mini is more of a strategic board game. Players compete with each other using miniatures placed on the board. And Clash Quest is an adventurous, island hopping, turned based strategy game.

What is Clash Heroes?

Explore the Clash world like never before. Take your favorite Clash characters to undiscovered lands, complete epic quests and become legendary Clash Heroes!

Clash Heroes looks more like a co-op adventure game with a few RPG elements. Where you assemble a team of characters and go on adventures in the world of Clash. It is also the first Clash game to be made in Unreal Engine.

When is Clash Heroes out?

As with the trilogy of new Clash games, they’re currently in beta to Scandinavia. Sweden, Norway, Finland, Iceland and Denmark can play and download Clash Heroes, but other players worldwide will need to wait a little longer. There’s no official release date, but many of those who’ve already played guess it won’t be long. Considering the game looks quite polished and plays smoothly, so now it’s just a matter of fine-tuning.

So we can expect Clash Heroes to be out early 2022.