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The Clash Royale 20 Win challenge returns to celebrate the World Finals

Can you make it to 20 wins?

Updated: Nov 23, 2021 1:44 pm
Clash Royale 20 win challenge

Supercell, the mobile developer behind the popular mobile game, Clash Royale, has revealed the Clash Royale 20 win challenge is coming back. One of the most difficult challenges is returning, offering players the enhance to earn even more coins and boxes to loot.

What is the Clash Royale 20 win challenge?

The Clash Royale 20 win challenge is an event that pits players to go on an epic winning spree. The aim is to win 20 games within a three life period. If you lose your three lives, you’ll end the challenge. However, the trick is to get as many wins as possible before that happens. Each win bracket offers a different reward, with you going up a tier for every two wins.

When the event starts onNovemeber 25, at 09:00 UTC, you’ll get five full days of the event. Every player will get three entries into the 20 win challenge. When you enter the event, you’ll use one of your tickets. If you decide to go back in, you’ll start from 0 wins and 0 losses. If you run out of free tickets, you can get a new entry with 10 gems. However, you can get the Pass Royale, which will grant permanent access to the event as long as it remains open. To take part, simply headover to the events tab on November 25.

The Rewards

10Epic Chest
18Legendary King Chest

If you make it to 17 wins, you’ll unlock a special event badge for you to show off our achievement. It is a way of offering players the chance to show off how good they are in the spirit of the upcoming Clash Royale World Finals from December 3-5. You can read more on the Clash Royale event here.

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