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Kill and accuse your friends in Among Us VR

The Game Awards showcased some stuff, among them Among Us got some love and showed off their latest project: Among Us VR.

Updated: Dec 10, 2021 11:16 am
among us VR

The world-popular imposter game Among Us has a notorious reputation. A pure meme-fest half of the time, then a stage for friendships to be broken the other. The relatively simple game which you can play on all platforms has quite the fandom, varying in ages. But it’s no doubt that Among Us is a game that really does test the boundaries of your friendships. You get to really see who’s a good liar, and then you start to wonder… When else have they lied to you? If they could stab you in the back and continue on their merry way whilst pointing the finger at another… Can you really trust them day-to-day?

For the sake of not being blamed for newfound suspicion, of course you can! They’re your friend… right? Well long story short, I’m here to share some good news!

Among Us is coming to VR, Among US VR will be a real thing, as announced at The Game Awards:

By the looks of it, the game plays exactly as usual, except in – you guessed it – VR! So strap on your headset, get your stabbing hands ready OR get your task-making hands ready.

Platforms, release dates, and additional information around Among Us VR will be announced at a later date. 

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