Contemplative Exploration Adventure Tasomachi Coming to PC in 2021

Developer Orbital Express has announced that it is bringing upcoming exploration adventure Tasomachi to PC worldwide next year via Steam with the help of publisher Playism. The news was revealed during the New Game+ Expo yesterday alongside the release of a brand new trailer to mark the occasion.

Set in an ‘oriental fantasy town,’ Tasomachi is all about exploring a beautiful, contemplative world strewn with pagodas, arching bridges, sheer cliffs, and cheery blossoms. Aesthetically it falls somewhere between The Witness and your favorite anime. From what we’ve seen so far, Tasomachi looks to be a calming, soothing experience where the player can freely explore the striking world pieced together by Orbital Express.

As for the story underpinning Tasomachi, the player takes on the role of the young Yukumo, who revels in visiting far off places aboard her trusty airship. Said airship runs into a bit of trouble and leaves her marooned in a pretty little town. As Yukumo scours the town for spare parts, she discovers there’s more to this picturesque settlement than first meets the eye. It’s devoid of any inhabitants except for a bizarre breed of cat-like creatures. Our protagonist then sets off to unravel the town’s mysteries, take in its sites, and communicate with the feline locals. Rather aptly, Tasomachi means ‘a city sleeping in twilight’ in Japanese

In terms of what you’ll get up to in Tasomachi, the official description reads, ‘Tasomachi is an adventure game in which you can freely explore an Oriental Fantasy town. You will control Yukumo as you explore the mysterious town, clear dungeons and collect items in order to fix your broken down airship.’

Orbital Express and Playism are eying up a 2021 release and have confirmed Tasomachi will feature English, Japanese, and Chinese subtitles. You can head over to the Steam listing to check out a generous selection of screenshots and to wishlist Tasomachi.