Cooler Master Launch Industrial-Grade MasterFan

After a big announcement earlier this year, Cooler Master has finally moved forward and look ready to launch their SF120M cooler fan.

Cooler Master’s MasterFan SF120M was first announced in January this year at CES 2019. They aimed for their design to deliver pure performance over flashy looks.

The MasterFan SF120M has been called an ‘industrial fan’ – meaning it’s very likely Cooler Master are going head to head to compete with Noctua’s hardware.

What’s so special about the SF120M?

The SF120M has been built with an anti-vibration motor and a sound-dampening frame. In order to reduce rotational friction, a double ball bearing has been used for better performance and longevity. 

From images released by Cooler Master, we can see that they have included metallic shields for the fan frame, with more of the anti-vibration rubber featured in the corners to further minimize any noise. 

It looks like Cooler Master has invested heavily in producing a durable product, something which is greatly helped by the use of industrial-grade components. 

The MasterFan’s blades have a connected design that links the outer ring and the fan blades together. This is a design we’ve already seen from Cooler Master when they released exclusive square fans for the Mirage ML240P all-in-one liquid CPU cooler. The purpose of this design is to reduce fan distortion and improve stability. 

Other things to note with the SF120M

Cooler Master has also included a detachable cable, which could be of interest to some users. 

The fan frame also includes a micro-switch with three PWM mode settings. This switch lets users swap between RPM modes by selecting three different maximum speed profiles. These profiles range from 1200 RPM to 2000 RPM. 

Another spec worth mentioning is that there is a 4-pin PWM connector, a total power draw of 1.44W and a 280,000 hour MTTF life expectancy. 

How much will it cost?

Cooler Master’s SF120M fans are now available in the US for $29.99 which includes a 5-year warranty. Readers in the UK are at the moment, out of luck as we await details of when they’ll be available here. 

Are you planning to buy the SF120M fan when it becomes available or have you already got your hands on one? Let us know in the comments what you think of Cooler Master’s latest addition.