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Cooler Master launches first-ever Mini-LED gaming monitors

Cooler Master are bringing us brand-new Mini-LED gaming monitors, just as 2022 is ready to come to an end.

Updated: Nov 9, 2022 11:14 am
cooler master mini led release

It’s exciting news for anyone looking for a brand-new top-of-the-range Mini-LED gaming monitor. Cooler Master is launching their first-ever display to be using this exciting technology, releasing in the UK.

The exact models we’re talking about are part of the Tempest Mini-LED series, which includes the Tempest GP27U (4K 160Hz), as well as the Tempest GP27Q (QHD 165Hz). Both of which are 27″ displays.

These are top gaming monitors thanks to their high refresh rates, paired with crystal-clear 4K resolution in the case of the GP27U.

Even if you aren’t in the UK right now, it’s worth making note of, as it’s great news moving forward for any potential buyers in the future.

Tempest gaming monitor

Cooler Master Mini-LED release date

Let’s make this simple. The release date has been announced as 14th December 2022 in the UK.

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That’s just around the corner, nicely in time for Christmas if you’re looking to pick up a Mini-LED display during the festive period.

As it turns out, the timing is great. We’ve recently had the news of Samsung’s first 8K ultrawide gaming monitor, so it’s great to see some big advancements on display as 2022 comes to close.

Cooler Master Mini-LED price

The price for these two models are as follows (UK MSRP):

  • Tempest GP27U (4K 160Hz) – UK MSRP £799.99, including VAT
  • Tempest GP27Q (QHD 165Hz) – UK MSRP £499.99, including VAT

So, what do you get for that price? Aside the key specs listed above, you can expect some other benefits that place them above other competition out there.

The Tempest GP27U 4K model comes with HDMI 2.1, making full use of the bandwidth available. It also has support for consoles including the Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5 at full 4K resolution, capping out at 120Hz in this case.

The Tempest GP27Q sticks with HDMI 2.0, yet benefits from a slightly smoother experience thanks to the 165Hz. This is perfect for gaming and a little more budget-friendly.

Some more things to consider thanks to Mini-LED include great deep black performance, high visual quality, variable refresh rate and ultra speed IPS (up to 4 times faster than traditional ISP panel technology).

Where to buy Tempest Mini-LED series

Initial pre-orders are now available from Scan Computers. That’s currently the best place to go.

Since it’s not long until the release of these monitors, it’s best to be ready to buy if you’re looking to purchase one immediately upon release.

Like we already mentioned, these new monitors are only currently available in the UK. If any further news becomes available, we’ll be ready to make sure you’re the first one to know about it.

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WePC is reader-supported. When you buy through links on our site, we may earn an affiliate commission. Learn more