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Cooler Master Motion 1 haptic feedback gaming chair: latest news, specs, where to buy

Everything we know so far about the Cooler Master Motion 1 gaming chair

Updated: Feb 16, 2022 8:49 am
Cooler Master Motion 1 haptic feedback gaming chair: latest news, specs, where to buy

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People who have kept up with the gaming peripheral space will be of the recent and ever-increasing push to integrate haptic feedback into essentially every product within this broad category, the Motion 1 by Cooler Master and D-BOX is the latest addition to the haptic hype and will kick off what could be a haptic gaming chair phenomenon. Those of you who have been anxious to know more are in luck!

Cooler master motion 1: What we know so far

Earlier today Cooler Master tweeted a somewhat cryptic tweet concerning the launch of chair.

So far, we don’t have much to go on regarding this supposed ‘new platform’. The link merely goes to a page listing some of the core concepts and a small number of confirmed features of this haptic gaming chair

Cooler Master Motion 1 specs

Luckily for fans of D-BOX and other such haptic peripherals, there is a fair amount of tech specs confirmed on the page linked to via the tweet. This is unusual for products still in development and gives us somewhat of an idea concerning the chair. Annoyingly, information and specs for the base which controls the haptics are still fairly sparse, however, Cooler Master has provided an X-ray-esque image

cooler master motion 1 1

The dimensions, materials, and adjustability measurements are confidence-inspiring as they closely align with many gaming chairs we’ve comes to test of the years here at WePC. Of course, statistics don’t always translate into comfort or ergonomics so a pinch of salt is a recommended seasoning with this info.

We can at least confirm the presence of both an adjustable headrest and lumbar support pillow, both of which are among the most important features of a good gaming chair. However, the armrests are adjustable only in height, which is disappointing considering the relative ubiquity of 4D armrests in today’s market.

Where to buy Cooler Master Motion 1

When following the link to the Cooler Master Motion 1 product page, there’s a handy button to sign up for notifications. Once you enter your email address you’ll be notified when this exciting product is available top pre-order in your region. No pricing has been hinted at thus far, but we can safely assume it will become one of the most expensive gaming chairs out there.

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