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Core i9-12900K Cyber Monday deal – Save big on the 12th gen flagship

Save on the fastest CPU of last generation

Updated: Nov 28, 2022 2:22 pm
Core i9-12900K Cyber Monday deal – Save big on the 12th gen flagship

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The Core i9-12900K is a marvelous CPU, featuring Intel’sLITTLE.big technology. Intel secured its place at the top of single-core performance with the 12900K. And now, it can be found for a massive discount. This is the best Core i9-12900K Cyber Monday deal

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Intel released the 12900K as the flagship to the 12th generation Alder Lake CPUs. It was later superseded by the 12900KS, but during its time at the top, it was the strongest CPU intel had created. This was all thanks to the flagship’s massive core count and unheard-of core speeds.

The 12900K featured 8 P-cores and 8 E-cores, with base and boost P-core speeds of 3GHz and 5.2GHz respectively. The big feature was the 12900K’s efficiency. The Efficiency-cores, dubbed E-cores, increased the efficiency of the 12900K by a large margin. Allowing it to perform well in both single and multi-core workloads, all while remaining efficient.

Core i9-12900K Cyber Monday deal 2022

The 12900K is a state-of-the-art CPU and one that is aimed at both gamers and content creators alike. Its large core counts and blistering core speeds allow the 12900K to cater to both in all the ways that matter.

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Intel’sLITTLE.big technology ensures the 12900K stays efficient whilst executing the various tasks it performs. the 12900K is truly a marvel and one that should be snatched up given the chance. And what better time than Cyber Monday 2022? Thanks to this amazing Core i9-12900K Cyber Monday deal.

Does the Core i9-12900K Cyber Monday deal offer a good value?

Yes, absolutely. The 12900K is one of the best Intel CPUs and one that should be heavily considered with cyber Monday’s huge discounts. The CPU is basically perfect for everyone.

Is the Core i9-12900K worth getting on Cyber Monday?

Yes absolutely, and there are more than a couple of reasons why we should consider the 12900K this Cyber Monday. Here’s why we think you should jump on this Cyber Monday deal.

  • The 12900K is massively efficient compared to its power, thanks to E-cores.
  • The 12900K is one of the fastest CPUs for single-core performance, and it still holds its own.
  • The 12900K works on any LGA 1700 motherboard, 600 series, or 700 series.

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