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When is CounterStrike 2 limited test? CS2 confirmed

CS2 play test is set for summer, so get your sensitivity tuned and your new 144hz monitor ready.

Updated: Mar 22, 2023 5:42 pm
When is CounterStrike 2 limited test? CS2 confirmed

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CounterStrike 2 has officially been announced via Twitter, giving the esports community another monumental game to get its teeth into.

CSGO needs little introduction and the latest update sometimes referred to as “CSGO 2” brings in a load of fresh changes to the game many already love.

Counterstrike 2 is going to be a massive update for CSGO, and you can get involved in the limited play test now, with the game set to launch this summer.

The CS2 playtest will offer players Deathmatch and unranked competitive. Whether the unranked will feature both defusal and hostage is unknown right now.

Players will only be able to play on DUST 2 but seeing as it is the most famous map in gaming history, I doubt there will be many issues with this.

Is there a Counterstrike 2 release date?

The game has only been announced but devs have included information about a limited test for players to tackle now.

We are aware devs have been working on the new adaptation of CounterStrike already, however, this is the first time we have seen anything on a game that is playable.

To gain access to the test, all Valve has stated thus far is “Players are selected based on a number of factors deemed important by the Counter-Strike 2 development team, including (but not limited to) recent playtime on Valve official servers, trust factor, and Steam account standing.”

What does this mean? Well, if you are a known cheater, you are probably going to struggle to get access, however, those of you out there that have clean records or high amounts of hours in the game, have a great chance to test out the latest addition.

How long will the CounterStrike 2 limited test last?

According to the official FAQs, the length of the Counter-Strike 2 limited test is yet to be decided, with valve advising players to come back at a later date for more information.

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