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CPU-Z adds support for AMD 7000 and Intel 13th Gen CPUs

A new CPU-Z update has introduced support for AMD’s 7000 series ‘Raphael’ and Intel 13th generation CPUs.

Updated: Apr 19, 2022 12:00 pm
cpuz adds support for new Intel and AMD CPUS

CPU-Z is software made primarily for displaying information surrounding the CPU you have installed in your system, including make, model and clock speed information. CPU-Z has evolved a lot in recent years, beyond its primary use, now featuring a tab for GPU information and a CPU benchmark section. Here you can compare your CPU with others in CPU-Z’s database and see how your CPU scores against current CPU releases. 

If you’d like the latest information surrounding AM5 and Zen 4, you can read about it in our more in-depth articles.

As with any software, CPU-Z needs updating every now and then to ensure compatibility with all the latest hardware, as each CPU generation generally differs from the last, for efficiency, speed or processing powers sake. 

Introducing CPU-Z version 2.01.0. This version of CPU-Z is the very first to add support for the up and coming Ryzen 7000 series zen 4 and Intel 13th generation processors. Here are the official patch notes for this version of CPU-Z


Alongside Raphael and 13th gen CPU support, we’re seeing a whole host of exciting compatibility patches for Intel ARC GPUs, support for the recently released 5700X, 5600 and 5500, and a plethora of AMD 6000 series mobile CPU support. 

When software adds support for upcoming hardware it usually indicates that we will see a release within three to five months. This is great news for those clambering to get their hands on the 7000 ‘Raphael’ series or 13th gen ‘Raptor Lake’ CPUs. It looks like the rumours around AM5 and Zen 4 could have been true, we may see a July – September release window. 

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