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Paradox reveal the Crusader Kings 3 console release date

Finally, there is a Crusader Kings 3 console release date

Updated: Jan 26, 2022 5:02 pm
Crusader Kings 3 console release date

It is finally happening, Crusader Kings 3’s console release date is finally announced. P[aradox Interactive revealed the Crusdaker Kings 3 console release date is set for March 29, 2022. Those on PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X|S will get the opportunity to rule their medieval kingdom from the comfort of their consoles.

The promise of Cruder Kings 3’s console release was announced back in the summer of 2021 at Gamescom. Paradox Interactive and Lab42, the studio behind the Yakuza ports is leading the charge, adding in effective radial menus to make the console user experience fit for purpose as an example. Also, if you’re on PlayStation 5, you’ll be pleased to know that you can feel the stress of your character’s decision through the Dualshock controller technology. Every awful decision, peasant revolt, or losing your arm in crusading combat will be felt in your hands.

For those looking at Crusader Kings 3 on console on what to expect, Paradox summarizes the game as follows: 

  • Character focused gameplay – Every character you play or interact has their own personality, focuses, ambitions and statistics. Event and options you make or make for others impact their events, stats and purposes in the game.
  • Infinite possibilities – You can play as a small lord in Europe, all the way to an emperor of some of the greatest nations in the world. Perhaps you would rather strike your luck and overthrow the ruling dynasty, found your own kingdom, or even steal the pope from Rome!
  • Wage war against enemies, whether that is revolts, vassals, rulers, other world leaders, or even religious enemies. Experience field tactics, army management through charismatic leaders, and manage sieges as you siege tiles on the world map.
  • Spread your Dynasty far and wide by marrying other characters in the game. Perhaps you’re a master strategist and intend on inheriting the throne of another kingdom by making sure the only heir is someone from your family. Also, you can marry characters and get inheritable traits, both good and bad.
  • Follow the faith as a good pious ruler in the middle ages, or turn on your god, denounce your prophets and join Lucifer, pagans and other faiths featured in the historical period.

Also, it is with mentioning that PC players already have Crusader Kings 3 on the Xbox Game Pass. While nothing is confirmed just yet, there is a chance that we may see Crusader Kings 3 go to the console version of Game Pass when the Crusader Kings 3 console release date arrives.

As for any PC players stumbling upon this, your next major update arrives on February 8.

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