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Crysis 4 ‘confirmed’ thanks to a Crytek Chinese social media account

It appears Crysis 4 may be the real deal.

Updated: Jan 26, 2022 11:57 am
Crysis 4 rumour

It appears that Crysis 4 is indeed a thing thanks to the social media team at Crytek’s Chinese team. The development studio published a social media post over on Bilibili, detailing the existence of Crysis 4. The west is now picking up on it largely thanks to the report from Eurogamer.

If you head over to the Chinese social media post and translate the message thanks to Google translate, you get the following message: “Xiao C presents a New Year’s gift for the Year of the Tiger~ Make a comeback, the tiger will grow stronger! The “Crysis 4” project is confirmed, opening a new nano battlefield! Follow @Crytek_Official, we will continue to update you with the latest news, and come to the comment area to talk about your expectations for the “lifetime””

The tweet also came with a  press stock image, with a shaded backdrop and other Chinese characters on screen. We are not sure what it means, but we can imagine it says Crysis 4 in one way or another.

Apparently, the tiger that is the Crysis franchise growing stronger thanks to the announcement of Crysis 4. However, it seems very strange as their is no official announcement in any other region. Although, the team at Crytek is currently hiring for several open positions for an unannounced tiple A title. The focus of these positions is a broad spectrum of design and world-building roles, with a focus on art; character, environment, UX, and designer departments. It very much seems like the team at Crytek is working on something big, and that big game could very much be this now apparent Crysis 4 announcement.

We have reached out to the Crysis press team for comment on the official western announcement of Crysis 4. In the meantime, Crysis Remastered recently launched, so if that got you somewhat excited, why not jump back and take a look at how the series started.

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