Crysis Remastered has some real problems on console

Can Xbox and PlayStation run Crysis?

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Well this will perhaps be a disappointment, players who had hoped to be able to play the iconic system-crushing sandbox FPS on their console machine have found themselves playing a bit of a lemon.

The biggest issues are related to the framerate, the game is targeting 30fps, but on both Xbox One X and PlayStation 4 Pro, it’s not hitting that consistently. Gaming tech expert, John Linneman, shared some of his experience with the game on Twitter:

“Xbox is basically 29fps with tearing and PS4 Pro is 31fps without.”

They also posted some footage of the console version of this game:

We don’t think that these issues on consoles will be indicative of issues on the PC version of the game, it’s probably the very dated and low powered CPU at the heart of these consoles that is the source of the problem.

It is kind of a shame to see the game performing so poorly on Xbox and PlayStation, especially given it’s so old. It is a notoriously demanding game, despite its age, but we can’t help but feel they would have been better off waiting for the new Xbox Series S and X, and the PlayStation 5.

Linneman says that he’s been in touch with the team over at Crytek, and that they are putting together a patch to address these issues, but who knows if and when that will happen, and how comprehensively it addresses these problems.

The upshot is that this is a game that back in 2008 was designed from the ground up for high-end gaming PCs, and even still consoles are going to struggle to measure up to that. At least with the dated PS4 and Xbox One systems. Perhaps Crytek will offer a next-generation console version, where these systems might finally be able to measure up to top end PCs from a decade ago, but the CPU inside PS4 and Xbox One is a real limiting factor.