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CS2 smokes could be more complex than we think

There's an overlapping issue with CS2 smokes, get it?

Updated: Jun 2, 2023 2:30 pm
CS2 smokes could be more complex than we think

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One of the most talked about features of CS2 has to be the smoke grenades, we haven’t been able to avoid them, they’re everywhere. We recently stumbled upon a Reddit post made by u/Pokharelinishan, speculating what happens when 2 smokes overlap, and that got us thinking. CS2 smokes could be more complex than we think.

What happens when CS2 smoke grenades overlap?

The new functionality of smoke grenades in CS2 essentially sees them fill the game world up with physical polygons, actual points that interact with the players, bullets, and the environment they are delayed in.

This is all well and good, innovative in fact, as there’s not currently anything quite like it in the vast library of games out there that include smoke grenades.

Reddit user u/Pokharelinishan broached an interesting topic on Reddit, what happens when two smoke grenades overlap? Or more accurately, how does that affect the player’s interaction with the smoke cloud?

What happens when CS2 smoke grenades overlap

Told you this was an interesting topic and one that we will not likely get the answer to until the release of CS2. But we can speculate

How will overlapping smoke grenades in CS2 behave?

u/Pokharelinishan asked specifically how the overlapping plumes of smoke will interact with a single grenade. As we know, HE grenades can clear the smoke plume for 3 seconds in CS2. The have been many speculations in the comments, so let’s get into them.

The first prediction is that the clearance time will be reduced, as from a factual standpoint there’s more smoke present, double if you want to get all mathematical. so in theory, it should halve the clearance time down to 1.5 seconds.

Another theory is that the smoke plumes will clear to a lesser extent, meaning the HE grenade will clear less smoke since there’s more present.

Theories in the Reddit comments range from one end to the other, and everything in between, what do you think? This is how we assume CS2 smokes could be more complex than we think.

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