CD Projekt Red Promises No Delay on Cyberpunk 2077 During Coronavirus Outbreak

Like a lot of businesses around the world, CD Projekt Red has made the decision for staff to go fully remote during the Coronavirus outbreak.

The studio says they have been upgrading equipment and infrastructure to ensure that staff can work from home safely. They have recently made a short announcement explaining their decision on Twitter

They said that this will “grant every team member the highest level of personal health safety.” 

What Does This Mean For Cyberpunk 2077’s Release Date?

Naturally, a lot of companies have slowed down their projects and put delays in place. Many gaming events and esports competitions have already been canceled due to the risks.

However, for anyone worried about the Cyberpunk 2077 release date, CD Projekt Red has reassured everyone that this game won’t be delayed despite the outbreak.

In their announcement, they say they are “showing no signs of stopping in our effort to bring you some kick-ass role-playing action in September.”

Will CD Projekt Red Be Able To Deliver This Game Remotely?

However, taking a whole studio remote will bring up its fair share of challenges, as experienced by a number of businesses around the world already. It will take a great amount of adjustment but we hope CD Projekt Red manages to pull it off. 

So far, the general fan reaction to this announcement has been pretty positive, with some going so far as to say a delay would be understandable in the current climate. 

We can’t even imagine how difficult it must be to deliver the most widely anticipated game of the year via a fully remote team. However, this announcement seems pretty confident. 

If we hear anything regarding Cyberpunk 2077, whether it is delayed or not, we will be sure to keep you up to date here at WePC. We’re as excited as you are to finally get our hands on the game, so we hope we’ll see it by the end of the summer too.