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Cyberpunk 2077: Night City Wire Episode 2 showcases Life Paths and Weapon systems

Take a deeper look at what to expect from this hotly anticipated action RPG.

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Today CD Projekt Red showed us the second episode of Night City Wire, their regular series of streams giving us a taste of what to expect from their upcoming hotly anticipated action RPG, Cyberpunk 2077. If you want to revisit the first episode, here’s our roundup from last month’s episode, and read on for details show in this month’s episode.


First, we saw a new trailer showing how the different lifepaths will function, this is an option you take from the start of the game, which will determine your character’s background prior to starting the game, and serves as your character’s backstory. It doesn’t lock you into any particular playstyle, but does set you up on the first step on your path through the game. Whether you want to be a “Nomad” growing up on constantly on the move, a “Street Kid” who knows the metropolis of Might City like the back of your hand, or a “Corpo” rising up through the ranks of the ruthless corporate world, you can pick a path that most reflects your personality, or that you find the most interesting entry point into the world of Cyberpunk 2077. Each life path opens up different opportunities throughout the game, open up different dialogue options, and will help shape your story.

Cyberpunk 2077 3

We got a first in-depth look at the huge expansive “badlands” wilderness area of Cyberpunk 2077, outside the Night City limits. Here you can get away from the densely packed urban environments, although they warn that it’s a lawless area away from the eyes of civilization.

Cyberpunk 2077 2

Then we got a breakdown of the different types of guns into games, which are split into three categories Power, Tech, and Smart. With each having common, uncommon, rare, and legendary varients, across a variety of different styles. Legendary weapons have unique features, but won’t be easy to get hold of.

  • Power weapons are closest to traditional firearms, high powered traditional projectile weapons, with the main difference from what you might use in other games being that you can ricochet bullets off walls and surfaces if you aim carefully.
  • Tech weapons, electromagnetic to fire bullets at extremely high velocities, which will let you shoot through walls and cover to take out enemies before they even know you are there.
  • Smart weapons use guided missiles to track your targets in realtime, allowing you to fire around corners and cover, and track enemies on the move.

As you develop your character and level up, you will see the first-person shooter mechanics develop too, with reload speeds increasing, aiming accuracy and speed increases, as your character becomes more proficient with firearms.

Each weapon can be altered with a variety of mods, whether that’s attachments like scopes and silencers, which will alter the physical appearance of your weapon in addition to adding new functionality, and software mods that alter the base statistics for each weapon.

Check out the entire episode here if you want to learn more.

These episodes of Night City Wire are doing a pretty good job of highlighting different aspects of the game in the run-up to release and giving us an in-depth look at a variety of different aspects. We’re getting more excited with each episode and can’t wait to try Cyberpunk out for ourselves. What did you think of this latest footage and news? Let us know in the comments.

Be sure to check out the system requirements for this game if you’re planning to check it out, it’s perhaps going to be the best excuse to upgrade your system in 2020.


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