Everything Cybershoes Have Announced at CES 2020

We know that VR is gaining traction in the gaming industry and from what we’ve seen at CES 2020 so far, it looks like there is no stopping this trend.

Cybershoes showcased their VR offering at CES 2020 and were awarded as an Honoree of the Innovation Awards. 

How Do Cybershoes Work?

Cybershoes is a VR system that allows you to literally walk into a virtual world. You can walk, run and jump in virtual reality without the limits of the physical space around you. This makes them perfect to use with fitness and sports apps or gaming. 

The shoes themselves look like high-tech sandals that you can slip on and strap to your feet – they have been shown to fit over shoes. Demonstrations so far have shown players using the shoes whilst perched on a high swivel bar stool, so that they can take advantage of the height, move freely but not actually physically move anywhere. 

The shoes are strapped directly onto your feet, and let the player control their in-game movements with their actual legs. The Cybershoes have IMU for orientation, a roller for accurate tracking and grips in place to aid the turning traction. It adds another layer of immersion to a VR gaming experience. 

Cybershoes are compatible with any VR game and can be used with HTC Vive, Oculus Rift, SteamVR, Pimax and Windows Mixed Reality systems. 

Where And When Will They Be Available To Buy? 

The Cybershoes are priced at $299 currently and are available to purchase from their website. You can also purchase a Cybershoes Gaming Station bundle from their website which comes with the Cybershoes themselves, a Cybercarpet and Cyberchair to complete the gaming setup. 

This isn’t the only bit of virtual reality kit we’ll be mentioning over the next few days. There are also offerings from bHaptics and Rebuff Reality, so make sure that you check in with our CES 2020 hub page for all the latest VR, PC gaming and tech news!