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Dauntless 1.9.0 Patch Notes

A few decent changes have arrived in the latest Dauntless patch. Let's check them out

Updated: Jan 21, 2022 12:06 pm

Dauntless just received a full rework for its Bounty system with patch 1.9.0. Players can now upgrade their bounties all the way to gold instead of relying on RNG to earn more rewards. You can grind out bounties for maximum rewards moving forward, which is a much-needed change.

What’s new in Patch 1.9.0

Five events have been tweaked in the latest update to make the fights easier and help players earn rewards faster. Changes have been made to: 

  • Shatterstorm Island Event
  • Firewatch Island Event
  • Lightning Warfare Island Event
  • Slice and DIce Island Event
  • Cold Snap Island Event
  • Shrike Strike Island Event

Modifiers have been removed from most of these events to make the content easier to beat. Random spawns have also been limited and you will no longer have to worry about mobs constantly respawning in some of the island events.

Dauntless Update 1.9.0 Patch Notes

Gameplay changes

  • Reduced Tough Hide’s unwounded damage penalty from -50% to -40%.
  • Reduced Tough Hide’s currently wounded damage boost from +25% to +15%.
  • Reduced Tough Hide’s post-wounded damage boost from +50% to +30%.
  • Shield amount granted from Cascade and Guardians now caps at 600 each.
  • Slightly reduced size of boosted orbs from Cascade. Purple orbs always appear in larger sizes. Ponder the orbs, Slayer.


  • Increased the per-player core health scaling on Behemoths from +59% to +75%. 

The Chronovore

  • Decreased The Chronovore’s level from 23 to 22 in the Temporal Anomaly event on The Paradox Breaks.


  • Now has its own collision parameters instead of using Embermane’s.
  • Slightly increased the amount of part health on the back legs.
  • Slightly decreased the amount of part health on the tail.

Other changes

Dauntless patch 1.9.0 also added a number of bug fixes along with audio and sound tweaks to improve the gameplay experience.

  • Replaced incorrect cell dusting amounts for Omnisurge, Pulse and Tactician cells.
  • The experience bar in the HUD no longer stops updating its visuals.
  • Behemoth parts that are no longer available will be removed from the objective tracker.
  • The Charged Swordfocus description in Slayer’s Path now correctly matches the description of the mod.
  • Players can now properly interact with other players’ quick menu on islands while out of combat.
  • Evasive Blast is now on the Training Grounds movement list.
  • Cell fusion screen no longer shows incorrect information.
  • Text that still mentions “cell dust” now states “aetherdust”.
  • The background menu can no longer cycle while selecting a bounty.
  • Users will no longer see Moyra behind the Crafting screen. Let it go, Moyra.
  • Island Event phase progress text is now always visible.
  • Players’ level in their name plate now correctly updates when they level up.
  • The skip quest using the platinum button in rumours is now working again.
  • The Insatiable Dance now shows how to obtain it when viewed in the loadout menu.
  • Grammar corrections for specific Behemoth journal entries and tips.
  • Fixed cases of UI information breaking out of bounds

The new update brings a lot of necessary changes to the game’s island events as well as the bounty system.

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