DayZ 1.14 Experimental Patch Notes

Here is the DayZ 1.14 Experimental Patch Notes

Dayz 1.14 Experimental Patch Notes
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Bohemia Interactive has launched the DayZ 1.14 Experimental patch notes, bringing with it a few balance changes along with bug fixes and other quality of life improvements. The patch is now live on both Xbox and PC servers.

DayZ 1.14 Experimental Patch Notes

The DayZ 1.14 Experimental patch notes is the biggest patch of the year and is the most exciting update since the Livonia update many moons ago. The new DayZ 1.14 patch notes add a whole new feature: Chernarus and Livonia’s contaminated areas. These areas contain two variants, the static and dynamic variants. Static areas contain locked away high tier loot that survivors will want to compete for. Meanwhile, Dynamic areas are much more ‘unpredictable’, allowing for more random loot drops and hostile forces in the area. You might fight through hordes of the undead to get nothing. Although you may find you are contesting no hostiles yet can earn everything. It adds a whole new story to your gameplay experience.

For server owners out there, the DayZ contaminated zones are fully customizable. You can make these areas as static or as dynamic as you want them to be.

New Content DayZ 1.14 Experimental

The hunter-gatherers out there will find that you can deploy hunter traps across the forests of Chernarus and Livonia. You can use hunting traps to catch wild animals, Zs and other players. If you would rather be a fisherman, you can place fishing nets across water sources, regardless if it is salt or freshwater. Furthermore, there is a new weapon called the LE MAS, which you can read more about here

DayZ Tripwire

On another note, DayZ 1.14 patch adds in tripwires. You can fortify your base much better or use them to lure unsuspecting prey into the tripwire.

Sound Changes

A few more changes are coming to DayZ, including changed Helicopter sounds. You may notice a whole new Helicopter sound when helicopters crash, changing the atmosphere and sound ques DayZ has. Likewise, smoke grenades and smoke, in general, makes a different sound.

DayZ 1.14 release date

The DayZ 1.14 experimental release date is now live as of September 2nd 2021. You can go ahead and play the build, and use your new hunting traps, tripwires and explore the contaminated zones at your own pace. If you are interested, you can find the full DayZ 1.14 Experimental patch notes here released on September 2nd.