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Dead by Daylight Sadako Rising update: DBD Ringu Chapter new killer, release date

The Onryo comes to DBD in the most anticipated Chapter yet

Updated: Mar 8, 2022 5:02 pm
DBD update Sadako Rising new Dead by Daylight Killer Ringu

One of horror’s most recognisable antagonists, Sadako, finally comes to Dead by Daylight in DBD’s Sadako Rising Chapter on March 8, 2022.

The next Chapter in Dead by Daylight is upon us. Sadako of Ringu will be crawling out of TVs as you roam the map as new Survivor Yoichi Asakawa. New perks, abilities and more bring a chilling new experience to Dead by Daylight in Sadako Rising, one of the most anticipated and game-changing new chapters in DBD history.

Dead by Daylight Patch Notes: Sadako Rising

New DBD Killer Sadako — The Onryo perks

Sadako, or The Onryo, is an Intermediate killer. As part of the Ringu backstory, Sadako is able to manifest through the screens of TV sets, a result of projecting her powers onto VHS tapes that cause the viewer to die after seven days. This story is woven perfectly into The Onryo’s Power, Deluge of Fear, and Special Abilities.

DBD The Onryo perks

Scourge Hook: Floods of Rage

This perk allows the killer to see the auras of all players for five seconds if a survivor is unhooked from a Scourge Hook. A Scourge Hook will be clear to the killer as it will be one of up to four hooks outlined in white from the start of the trial. Upon levelling this perk up, the time players auras are visible will be increased.

Call of Brine

The Call of Brine perk is activated for 60 seconds after a Generator is damaged. For that 60 seconds, the Generator will regress at a faster rate, between 150 and 200% depending on perk level, and its aura will be revealed to the killer. Also, whenever a Survivor completes a Good Skills Check on a Generator affected by Call of Brine, the killer will receive a Loud Noise Notification.

Merciless Storm

When a Generator is completed to 90%, all Survivors repairing it will have to complete continuous Skill Checks. If they fail one or stop repairing, the Generator will be blocked for 16 – 20 seconds, depending on perk level.

New DBD Dead by Daylight Killer Sadako Rising The Onryu Ringu

The Onryo’s Power Deluge of Fear and Special Abilities

Deluge of Fear

Sadako can crawl the map using the Undetectable Status Effect, meaning the killer is invisible to Survivors until they are within 32 meters, at which point the invisibility becomes intermittent.

Special Ability — Manifestation

At such a point The Onryo is close enough to and wishes to kill a Survivor, they must first Manifest using the Power button. For a brief duration, The Onryo will continue to be intermittently visible within 24 meters of the survivor, before becoming fully visible within 24 meters, until demanifestation. The killer can Demanifest at will by pressing the Power button a second time, but will no longer be able to attack Survivors.

Special Ability — Projection

Another method of Manifestation, Sadako can take material form by projecting herself through one of the nearby TV sets which spawn into the map. By pressing the Ability button while looking at a powered TV, the TV will power off and The Onryo will begin to appear from it, thus transporting to the location of the TV, all the while visible to nearby Survivors.

Survivors within 16 meters of the TV gain the Condemned status.

Special Ability — Inexorable Stare

A fully Condemned Survivor is revealed for six seconds and can be killed instantly if in the Dying State if The Onryo uses Inexorable Stare.

Special Survivor Interaction

A Survivor can power off a TV by removing the VHS tape from it, thus leaving the killer unable to project from it. However, Survivors holding a VHS tape will suffer from Condemnation, which will gradually increase the longer the survivor holds the tape.

Removing a Tape from a TV alerts the killer with a Loud Noise Notification. Another TV set will then be revealed to the survivor through a white aura, and the Survivor can remove some of their Condemnation by placing the VHS Tape into that TV.

One of the many Add-ons for Deluge of Fear is Tap Editing Deck, which causes each survivor to start the trial with a VHS tape in hand, thus starting with Condemned progress. Their highlighted TV will be the one furthest from their spawn location.

DBD new Survivor Yoichi Asakawa perks and abilities

New DBD Dead by Daylight Survivor Ringu Yoichi Asakawa

Yoichi Asakawa is an Intermediate Survivor, and is inspired by a character from the film adaptation The Ring. Yoichi’s character appears in the movie as a child, and in DBD we see him as a young adult, having pursued a career as a marine biologist. As per Ringu lore, Yoichi also has psychic abilities, which come into play in the backstory behind his perks.

Yoichi Asakawa Dead by Daylight perks

Parental Guidance

After stunning the killer by any means, your Scratch Marks, Pools of Blood and Grunts of Pain will be suppressed for 5 – 7 seconds, depending on perk level.

Empathic Connection

Not only can you heal other Survivors 10% faster with this perk, but they can also see if you are nearby, as they will be able to see your Aura when injured within 32/64/96 meters of you, depending on your Empathetic Connection perk level.

Boon: Dark Theory

Activate Dark Theory near a Dull or Hex Totem to create a Boon Totem, which will provide all Survivors within 24 meters with 2% Haste. The Haste effect will last for 2-4 seconds after leaving the area of range, depending on the perk’s level. Only one Totem can be blessed at a time.

What time is the DBD Sadako Rising update?

So, when does Sadako crawl out of her well in Dead by Daylight? The Sadako Rising Chapter will begin on March 8, 2022, at 5pm UTC. Take a look at the table below for the DBD Ringu update release time in your region. Starting at the same time globally, simply work your time out from those below if you don’t see your time zone listed.

America West9am PST — March 8, 2022
America East12pm EST — March 8, 2022
United Kingdom5pm GMT — March 8, 2022
Central Europe6pm CET — March 8, 2022
Japan2am JST — March 9, 2022
Australia4am AEDT — March 9, 2022

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