Behaviour Interactive Announces Dead By Daylight: Silent Hill Crossover DLC

Behaviour Interactive Announces Dead By Daylight Silent Hill Crossover DLC

Developer Behaviour Interactive has announced that the Silent Hill universe is heading to Dead by Deadlight next month. Dubbed Dead by Daylight: Silent Hill, the latest chapter in the asymmetrical 4v1 horror game, Chapter 16, to be precise, will feature an iconic location and characters from Silent Hill. Check out the freshly published trailer.

From June 16th, the crossover event will allow players to navigate the eerie, twisting, nightmarish corridors of the new Midwich Elementary School map. Alongside, players can play as survivor Cheryl Mason from Silent Hill or terrify others as new killer The Executioner, aka, the knife-dragging Pyramid Head from Silent Hill. Players can also look forward to Legendary Outfits that, unlike normal skins, transform the entire player model, including animations.

The two new characters come with unique abilities. For example, Pyramid Head can summon the power of Silent Hill via a trench, which, when trodden through, causes a 'Tormented' status effect. The effect causes afflicted players to jump immediately to Dead by Daylight's hook upon capture.

The Midwich Elementary school will be available to all players regardless of whether they lay down cash for the new crossover chapter. Creative director, Dave Richard, explained to IGN, 'Usually when we build a map out of a license in the world,  it's an interpretation of the location that the Entity builds in a specific way. But for Midwich we took attention to detail and wanted to replicate as much as we could about the map players already know about in Silent Hill 1.'

Behavior Interactive explains that they worked closely alongside Konami to bring the Silent Hill crossover to life, drafting in composer Akira Yamaoka to create a rejigged version of the game's main theme. Cote says that the collaboration was a perfect fit given that Konami is already charged with distributing the physical Japanese version of Dead by Daylight, and how easily Silent Hill's characters fit into the game's universe.

There's no word on the pricing of the DLC quite yet. We could see it land on the lower end of the chapter pricing scale at around $7, or jump up to $12 as we saw with the Stranger Things-themed chapter. Dead by Daylight: Silent Hill will be available on PC via Steam and the Microsoft Store, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, and mobile.