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Dell Ultrasharp UW3423WE release date & price predictions

Dell launch new professional-tailored monitor

Updated: Feb 7, 2023 3:27 pm
Dell Ultrasharp UW3423WE release date & price predictions

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Dell UltraSharp UW3423WE is the latest addition to Dell’s UltraSharp line of monitors, and it has been designed with the modern workplace in mind.

With its 34-inch 1900R curved WQHD display, this workhorse stands to provide an unparalleled experience that’s designed to enhance your productivity to sky-high levels.

Not only that – the Dell UltraSharp UW3423WE is based on a new IPS Black panel technology. Thanks to that, it offers many other exciting features, such as exceptional contrast, brilliant colors, dark content viewing angles, and black depth.

Being a professional display, it’ll come as no surprise to hear that the UW3423WE will only feature a 60Hz refresh rate.

This display is also designed with eye comfort in mind, with its always-on, low blue light screen that reduces potentially harmful blue light emissions without sacrificing color. And with the Dell Display Manager, you have access to a modern, user-friendly interface that makes it easy to arrange windows, optimize the front-of-screen experience, and get automatic notifications for new updates.

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Dell UW3423WE

Dell UltraSharp UW3423WE: expected release date

Dell UltraSharp UW3423WE has already been released and is available for purchase on Dell’s official website.

Its availability still leaves a little to be desired, with Amazon, Best Buy, and other retailers not yet stocking the professional-tailored monitor.

How much will the Dell UltraSharp UW3423WE cost?

Dell UltraSharp UW3423WE has a listed price of $1259 on Dell’s website.

This may seem like a steep price, but when you consider the amazing features and benefits that come with this monitor, it’s could be worthy of an immediate purchase if you’re not shy enough of spending that on a monitor.

Should you buy Dell UltraSharp UW3423WE when it launches?

One thing is sure – Dell UltraSharp UW3423WE is an amazing choice for remote workers, as well as anyone who wants to boost their working-at-home experience. It combines style and function into an amazing ultrawide display machine.

It’s already available on Dell’s website, but our advice is to take your time, and carefully consider whether you can invest $1259 on a monitor for work. You might as well not need it that much. On the other hand, it’s definitely one of the best investments, for example, a content creator or a designer could make.

Overall, it’s hard to pass Dell UltraSharp UW3423. Tempting, we know! But really, Don’t go broke vying for the best.

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