Destroy All Humans Remake Gets A Demo Ahead Of It’s July 28th Release

Destroy All Humans

When it originally released back in 2005, Destroy All Humans was a goofy sci-fi action-comedy game, that was a bit janky and rough around the edges but offered plenty of fun by turning the tables on the traditional alien invasion concept. Instead of fighting off a threat from out-space, you play as the invading aliens. Set across a 1950s backdrop, you take control of the Furon Empire, on a mission to abduct noteworthy individuals, sample their DNA, and ultimately overthrow the entire planet.

Fifteen years later, and we’re getting a remake of the original game. This is a faithfully made recreation of the game from 2005, with a complete graphical overhaul, and a more modern presentation throughout. It’s hardly cutting edge graphically, but this remake is much nicer to look at than the dated original.

Ahead of it’s July 28th release date, THQ Nordic has released a playable demo of the game, available now via Steam or They’ve also released an interactive trailer, that branches into different directions to showcase some of the varieties of gameplay the game offers.

This game is not particularly serious business, but if you want a bit of dumb fun, or have any nostalgia for the original game, it might be up your street. Destroy All Humans is out on PC and consoles on July 28th, and it’s up for preorder now.