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Diablo 4 Beta sign-up: How to, release date, start time

How to sign-up for the latest diablo 4 Beta

Updated: Jun 24, 2022 11:38 am
Diablo 4 Beta sign-up: How to, release date, start time

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Eager fans of Diablo 4 can now sign-up for the latest Beta ahead of its official release in 2024. Here are all the latest details on how to sign-up, when it will go live, and what platforms it looks set to launch on.

At present, there is no official date set for the launch of the Diablo 4 Beta. That being said, fans of the game can show their interest in the title by signing up for the Diablo 4 Beta over at the official sign-up page. Simply put your date of birth in and sign up for the latest updates – it’s really that simple.

When will Diablo 4 Beta start?

At the time of writing this, there is no official start date for the Diablo 4 Beta. Having said that, sign-ups are available which could mean Beta access within the next couple of months. Of course, with no official announcements, this is all speculation at this early stage.

If you want to keep bang up to date with all the latest Diablo 4 Beta dates, feel free to sign-up for updates over at the official Diablo 4 website.

How to sign-up for Diablo 4 Beta?

Signing up for the latest Diablo 4 Beta is really quite straightforward. All you need to do is head on over to the Diablo 4 Beta webpage and register your interest by signing up with your date of birth. It’ll take you through to a holding page that offers up trailers, latest updates, and other tidbits surrounding the game’s progress.

Diablo 4 cinematic trailer

For anyone who missed the latest Diablo 4 trailer, you can check it out below. Nine whole minutes of pure jubilation:

Diablo 4 Beta platforms

According to reports, the Diablo 4 Beta will only be available through Battle.net (for PC), Xbox Series X/S, and PS5. However, upon pre-registration, it clearly showcases the Xbox One and PS4 logos alongside the next-gen consoles.

That being said, there is no official dates or platform updates for the Diablo 4 Beta at present. Of course, we’ll be keeping this page bang up to date with all the latest updates and news from the Diablo 4 Beta.

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