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Does the Galaxy S23 have expandable storage? S23 SD card

We discuss the S23 Ultra expandable memory support, plus that of the S23 and S23+, Samsung Galaxy S23 expandable storage options and Samsung S23 SD card support

Updated: Apr 18, 2023 10:41 am
Does the Galaxy S23 have expandable storage? S23 SD card

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So, does the Samsung Galaxy S23 have expandable memory? If not, does the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra have expandable memory? What about storage? Does Samsung Galaxy S23 expandable storage exist? Does the Galaxy S23 have SD card support? In terms of expansion after the point of purchase the answer to all of these questions is a resounding no unfortunately, though there are different storage and memory options (in the case of the S23 Ultra) that you can select before you buy in the online store.

Once, expandable storage used to be the standout feature on flagship devices. But those days are gone. Tech giants are dropping the expandable storage options. First, Apple removed the microSD card options from all its devices. Now, Samsung is also following the same trend. The South-Korean company didn’t remove the expandable option from all the devices, but it’s definitely gone from all the recent S series devices. 

Read below for more details; we’ve also listed some alternatives to Galaxy S23 expandable storage.

Samsung S23 memory options – is there a Galaxy S23 memory card?

All loadouts of the baseline Samsung Galaxy S23 model come with 8GB of RAM – no more, no less. The same is true of the Samsung Galaxy S23+ i.e. the Samsung Galaxy S23 Plus. Only the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra has more than one memory option: coming with either 8GB of RAM or 12GB of RAM.

You cannot add additional RAM to any of these models after the point of purchase – there is no memory card available for post-sale expansion – so if you opt to go for the 8GB memory S23 Ultra, you won’t be able to upgrade it to 12GB later on. Buy carefully!

Samsung S23 SD card – sadly it doesn’t exist

In short, the Samsung Galaxy S23 does not have a microSD card slot. In fact, none of the devices in the Galaxy S23 series have a microSD card slot.

The history of Samsung Galaxy SD card options

The absence of the SD card slot isn’t surprising for Samsung. The Korean tech giant eliminated the feature on the flagship S series devices long ago. The last S series that carried the SD card slot was the Galaxy S20. After that, it was absent from the Galaxy S21 series. The company proceeded with the same on the S22 and S23 series. 

However, Samsung did add an SD card slot on the Galaxy S21 FE, but that was a one-time exception rather than a tradition. 

S23 expandable storage options

The story of the Galaxy S23 storage doesn’t end here. Although you cannot expand the phone’s storage using a microSD card, the S23 does still offer a variety of storage options for Galaxy users. 

Customers can pick up the Galaxy S23 with either 128GB or 256GB of internal storage. It is the same as the Galaxy S22 and the Galaxy S21 before. However, the default storage option for the S23 Plus and Ultra is 256 GB. 

256 GB is a reasonable amount of internal storage, rendering the SD card unnecessary for most people. However, If you are into capturing 4K footage, you may require much more storage. You can still avoid it by adequately managing your storage by transferring files in proper intervals to a computer or a laptop. 

Hence, 256 GB is enough for most users. Still, if you are unsatisfied, a 512 GB variant is available, which goes up to 1TB on the S23 Ultra. But this recommendation is not for someone who can’t afford anything but the base model – at the end of the day, you might just have to manage with what you’ve got. 

Alternatives to Galaxy S23 expandable storage

We have a solution for you if you don’t want to rely on cloud storage and want something cheaper and better for storage data backup. 

It is a less convenient option, but we suggest grabbing an external USB-C SSD with 1TB of storage. These external storages are currently available at a lower price than a microSD card of similar capacity. You can use them easily. Simply connect them to your Galaxy S23 and back up your data. If you are concerned about security, spend a few extra bucks and grab an SSD with a built-in fingerprint scanner. 

However, external SSDs are less convenient than a microSD card embedded in your smartphone. But the SSDs are cheaper and easier to transfer files than other devices, such as a PC. 

Ultimately, it is up to you to decide whether the absence of a microSD slot on the Galaxy S23 is a deal breaker for you.

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Other dropped Samsung Galaxy features

Each year, Samsung tries to awe the fans with the Galaxy S series equipped with new hardware and features. But the company drops a few deemed unnecessary features every few years. For example, Samsung dropped the 3.5mm headphone jack with the Galaxy S20.

The company also removed the expandable storage option with the Galaxy S21, continued the trend with the Galaxy S22, and it looks like they are doing the same for the Galaxy S23. These days, the expandable storage feature is on the verge of extinction across a number of the biggest premium smartphones.

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Does Samsung Galaxy S23 have expandable memory? S23 SD card Final Word

So does Samsung Galaxy S23 have expandable memory or expandable storage? Sadly not my friends, though we’re still excited to get our hands on the latest Galaxy smartphone regardless. See our Where to buy Galaxy S23 & Where to buy Galaxy S23 Ultra page to secure yours now.

Does S23 expandable storage exist? Galaxy S23 SD card support FAQs

When did Samsung stop using expandable storage?

After the Galaxy S20, Samsung stopped adding expandable storage options to its flagship devices as a matter of course (with the exception of the S21 FE).

The Galaxy S21 and Galaxy S22 series both lack a microSD slot, and the same goes for the company’s foldable smartphones.

Can I buy more storage on Samsung?

Yes, you can buy more storage on Samsung via the Google One App. You will sign in to your Google account from your Android mobile/Samsung mobile. Open the Play Store and download the Google One app. At the bottom of the app, tap Upgrade and select your new storage limit.

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