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Does the Samsung Galaxy S23 have dual SIM?

So, does the Galaxy S23 have dual SIM? If so, how does it work exactly?

Updated: Jan 31, 2023 9:37 am
Does the Samsung Galaxy S23 have dual SIM Does the Galaxy S23 have dual SIM Does the S23 have dual SIM

Does the Samsung Galaxy S23 have dual SIM functionality? Although the new phone has not yet been launched, meaning we’re not only waiting for the Samsung Galaxy S23 release date, but also the confirmed specifications, we can assume that indeed it will come with dual SIM slots, as featured on the preceding Galaxy S22.

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How the Dual SIM works on the Samsung Galaxy series

Dual SIM is not a new technology; phone manufacturers have been using it for years. Many smartphones come with a SIM tray capable of holding two SIM cards. Thankfully, Samsung has so far kept this feature for its flagship devices but in a different manner. 

Samsung uses a combination of eSIM and physical SIM cards on its Galaxy S series devices. Most people are usually accustomed to physical SIM cards; they have used them for years to receive wireless services. After getting a new smartphone, use the SIM card tool to eject the SIM card tray and insert the SIM into the tray of the respective network provider. Service will appear immediately. 

But the eSIM is different. It does the same thing but differently. It integrates SIM technology directly into your smartphone without needing a physical card. Samsung used this method to add the dual SIM feature on last year’s Galaxy S22 devices. We will probably see the same on 2023’s Samsung Galaxy S23 devices; it is unlikely for Samsung to reject the physical SIM card entirely similar to what Apple did in 2022. 

Although adding two SIM cards to your smartphone isn’t enough, you have to specify the primary and the secondary SIM card. Both SIM cards are indeed active in the smartphone. But you can only use one at any time to access cellular data. The smartphone uses the primary SIM number for calls, messages, and data by default. You can change the primary SIM card from the settings of your device.

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Does the Samsung Galaxy S23 have dual SIM? Final Word

We hope you now have a satisfactory answer to the question: ‘Does the Samsung Galaxy S23 have dual SIM?’ and we’ve hopefully spread a bit of additional knowledge around how it actually works. Please also have a look at our various other phone related pages and our Samsung Galaxy S23 pre order page.

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