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Dragon Age 4 – The latest leaks mopped up

Loose lips sink ships, especially when you are advertising for staff on a social network

Updated: Oct 27, 2021 3:36 pm
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We have been aware of a forthcoming return to Thedas for a new installment in the Dragon Age series. At this stage let’s call it Dragon Age 4, but, in truth, nobody really knows what the game will be called as Dragon Age has previously wandered recklessly around the titling landscape without any real commitment to convention.

The latest leaks suggest Bioware have swung around to the idea of a completely single-player game and one that they won’t be releasing until 2023 at the earliest so there are plenty more leaks in store along the way, that’s for sure but other than this occasional snippet of news Bioware has been as quiet as a mouse and managed to control all the information on the project behind closed doors.

Until today that is, when a Bioware employee may have just leaked some hot news on their Linkedin Profile. Twitter user Faizan Shaikh spotted on a Bioware profile on the social network the following info and was quick to tweet it out.


This obviously suggests that, while we still have no release date, Bioware is looking to develop the game for next-gen consoles and the PC only. This perhaps shouldn’t;t be shocking but will still be a blow to fans still rocking a PS4 of Xbox One.

The fact Bioware is now openly recruiting for coders as well should also be seen as progress is being made.

It does perhaps seem a little unlikely to us that 2023 is a realistic date all things considered, and if it is to be then we would certainly expect it to be towards the latter end of that year. A lot of work clearly needs to be done to get anywhere close to that at this stage, and by then the fact that it isn’t coming out on the last generation consoles may not matter as much as more people will have had the chance to upgrade.

We will of course have more leaks on Dragon Age 4 as they reach us. Until then, get saving for those next-gen consoles.

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