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Dying Light is currently banned in Europe on Nintendo Switch

Specifically Germany, where the EU Nintendo eShop is also based.

Updated: Oct 20, 2021 8:25 pm
Dying Light is currently banned in Europe on Nintendo Switch

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Well, it looks like the Nintendo Switch port of Dying Light isn’t doing too well in Germany, where it’s received a ban both digitally and physically. This normally wouldn’t be much of an issue for those in other European countries and the UK, but guess where the EU Nintendo eShop is based?

That’s right Zombie fans, you can’t currently buy Dying Light on the EU eShop. If you really wanted to get your hands on it digitally, you could just load up a new Nintendo Switch account and sign up to different regions eShop. But realistically, there’s no real reason why Germanies strict censorship should be affecting other countries.

Techland is currently working with distribution partners and local authorities to sort this out, but players will just have to go for the physical edition for the time being. This isn’t the first time German censorship rules ruined it for the rest of us either. As Eurogamer reminds us, 2012 saw Wii U 18-rated digital content was unavailable to purchase during the day due to German law.

Nintendo Switch Dying Light Platinum Edition Screenshot 01
Credit: Techland

In 2017, Germany adopted the Network Enforcement Act which allowed the country to fine social media giants with over two million users up to €50 million for not deleting fake news, racism, religious offense, and more. Not to say that this is impacted Dying Lights distribution, but it’s another example of how German standards affect other countries, in this case as far afield as Turkey.

Dying Light: Platinum Edition features all four DLCs and seventeen skin bundles to give players the most complete Dying Light experience to date. There are also new quarantine zones and weapons to get your hands on and play around within the post-apocalyptic wastelands of Harran. Gyro aiming, HD rumble, Touchscreen controls, and motion controls make their debut in Dying Light: Platinum Edition also, making for a completely unique experience.

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