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Dying Light – Spike’s Story: Last Call Event

Dying Light from 2015 just received a brand-new Event 10 days before the release of Dying Light 2.

Updated: Jan 25, 2022 7:57 am
Dying Light

So, what is going on? Dying Light received an event that will be divided into chapters with Part I available in-game now.

The release of Dying Light 2 is rapidly approaching. Techland decided to remind players about the first Dying Light game and added a special event that is called Spike’s Story: Last Call. We got a trailer for the first part of the event.

The events from Dying Light – Spike’s Story: Last Call take place after the events from the Dying Light’s campaign. Bandits destroyed most of the safe zones in Harran, and while doing so they endangered survivors. One of our companions from the game (quartermaster Spike) decided to start a rebellion against them filthy bandits and creates a safe place for other residents of the city.

In the Part I of this event, we will get two new missions. In the first quest we are tasked with eliminating bandits, and the second quest relies on protecting survivors from the zombies by utilizing some environmental traps.

This event will be timed, and players can enjoy Dying Light – Spike’s Story: Last Call from January 24, 2022, until January 28, 2022, so you only have four days to complete these missions. It is unknown at this time how many episodes there will be but Part I of this event is available now so make sure to check it out.

Dying Light 2 is releasing on February 4, 2022, so it is safe to assume that there will be 3 parts of Spike’s Story. Four days for every part of the event. I think it is a clever way to remind people about the first game, breathe some life into the world from 2015, and prepare players for what’s to come in the sequel.

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