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EA announce new Apex Legends mobile pre-registration rewards

Updated: May 11, 2022 5:09 pm
EA announce new Apex Legends mobile pre-registration rewards

Update: We now know the official Apex Legends Mobile release date is coming on May 17. It gives you only a few more days to sign up for the Apex Legends mobile pre-registration reward milestones.

Electronic Arts and Respawn Entertainment have announced there are even more Apex Legends mobile pre-registration awards. There are now two more rewards for players thanks to new reregistration milestones being reached.

The two new Apex Legends mobile pre-registration rewards feature two new rewards. These are the Become Legendary Holospray, achieved by 15 million pre-registrations. Furthermore, there is the Sunfire Initiative Pathfinder Skin, which is an orange, red, and yellow blended skin. You can take a look at the two new rewards over on the official Apex Legends mobile website.

These two new awards are in addition to the fice other rewards already confirmed. These include:

  1. Pre-Registered Badge – 500,000 
  2. Fateful Games – Banner Frame – 1,000,000
  3. On Target – Banner Pose – 2,500,000 
  4. Teeth Cutter – Epic R99 Skin – 5,000,000 
  5. Molten Earth – Epic Skin 10,000,000 

The numbers on the right side of the list are the number of players reached for pre-registration. There’s still plenty of time to sign up again and reach new milestones of interest in Apex Legends mobile. 

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