EA Announces Realm of Magic Pack For The Sims 4

EA has announced a brand new The Sims 4 pack at Gamescom titled Realm of Magic, bringing along a new trailer for the occasion, which offers a good look at what we can expect.

Realm of Magic will allow players to unofficially channel their dreams of mimicking the antics of everyone’s favorite wizard, Harry Potter, and imbue their Sims with the power of magic. EA promises wands, spell casting, and the inevitable colorful disasters we’ve come to expect from the human-life simulator.

EA says that in Glimmerbrook – one of the existing in-game towns in The Sims – players can venture into the dense forest of winding pathways with one leading to a magical portal to an enchanted world full of magic and quirky characters seemingly existing on rocks suspended in some form of alternate dimension. 

Once through, Sims can explore, meet veteran wizards and witches to learn new spells, concoct potions in cauldrons, craft potions, and try out their new skills against other magic wielders.

As always, the pack comes with a cluster of new clothes and items for your Sims to adorn to really get into that magic vibe and become a wizard or witch worthy of the name.

The Realm of Magic pack launches on September 10th for PC and Mac. It then heads to PlayStation 4 and Xbox One on October 15th. As always, the base The Sims 4 game is required and can be purchased separately.