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Elden Ring leak – cinematic intro ends up on YouTube, Bandai Namco get it removed

Best geta plumber in, Elden Ring is leaking like a rusty old tap at the moment - let's see what's been spoiled now

Updated: Feb 17, 2022 3:38 pm
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With just over a week to go under Elden Ring takes over many lives as the most eagerly awaited game in a good while finally releases, leakers are keen to pack the internet with spoilers and drop as much information into the wild as possible, regardless of any embargo.

The latest to just drop is the cinematic intro video which was leaked onto YouTube and quickly taken down via a copyright strike from Bandai Namco. It is still available on video mirror sites such as streamja where fans have been quick to repost it.

We aren’t going to link to it here, you are more than capable of finding it yourself if you are desperate to see it but be warned, it contains plenty of story spoilers so we would advise waiting a week and seeing it on your own displays.

The cinematic leak is the second of the day with some rather ropy footage of Elden Ring’s desert areas being leaked earlier showing a player on horseback, looking as though it had been recorded in the 1980s. We have no idea why the footage is so poor.

Elden Ring spoilers

The video shows the shattering of the ring itself and how the children of Queen Maraka have since claimed all the shards. An atmospheric voiceover tells the tail over a series of stills pan across the screen.

Anybody who follows what I write here on WePC will know I have little time for leaks and leakers. It’s fine to be excited about a game but keeping an air of mystery is what, I believe, keeps an experience special.

That said, I can foresee a week or so of more leaks on the horizon, and we will be doing our best to tell you about them without spoiling the game.

In the meantime if you would rather work out which class you are going to play as you can check out our guide to all of Elden Ring’s 10 starter classes or even did deeper into our Elden Ring game hub.

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