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Elden Ring Pre Order Bonus

We Show You Where To Pre Order Elden Ring & Discuss The Possible Different Elden Ring Versions

Updated: Nov 4, 2021 2:40 pm
Elden Ring Pre Order Bonus

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Read below for the latest news on Elden Ring pre-orders and how to get an Elden Ring pre-order bonus. And check out our coverage of the Elden Ring gameplay reveal that’s just happened right here.

This upcoming title from the makers of the Dark Soul series has generated a lot of interest, particularly since it was announced that George R Martin would be helping to craft the world of the game.

Read ahead to see how you can get your hands on Elden Ring as soon as possible!

Elden Ring Release Date

The Elden Ring Release Date has been confirmed as January 22, 2021.

Read our Elden Ring release date page to learn more about the latest rumors on the game, including news of any potential delays.

Elden Ring Pre-Order bonus

Unfortunately, every pre order for Elden Ring currently available does not come with a pre order bonus.

It may be that certain retailers, closer to the game’s release, come out with their own particular Elden Ring Pre Order bonus, but for now all you’ll get is the game itself.

Where To Pre Order Elden Ring

Elden Ring is available to pre order from various big name retailers.

Elden Ring Pre Order PC

Elden Ring Pre Order Eneba US

Elden Ring Pre Order PS4

Elden Ring Pre Order Amazon US

Elden Ring Pre Order PS5

Elden Ring Pre Order Amazon US

Elden Ring Pre Order Xbox One

Elden Ring Pre Order Amazon US

Elden Ring Pre Order Xbox Series X/S

Elden Ring Pre Order Amazon US

Pre Order Elden Ring Versions: Elden Ring Deluxe Digital Edition / Elden Ring Collector’s Edition?


We don’t yet have any information on different versions of Elden Ring, other than the standard edition.

Many are holding off pre-ordering the Elden Ring Standard Edition in the hope that we will see an announcement of alternative versions of the game, and with a good few months off the release, there’s nothing to lose by waiting that bit longer.

Chances of other Elden Ring versions are fairly good, given that the Dark Souls series has quite a few different versions, and that the developers will want to make as much money as possible given the large amount of buzz around the game.

As soon as we catch word of any Elden Ring special edition pre orders, we’ll list them right here on this page!

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