Elden Ring Release Date, Rumors, and News

If like me, you have something of a gaping hole left in your life now that Game of Thrones has finished its run on HBO, then this is a game you need to be keeping an eye on. Developed by FromSoftware in collaboration with George R.R. Martin himself, Elden Ring is set to be the next big fantasy epic in gaming. 

Elden Ring Release Date

We may or may not have an Elden Ring release date already. The game was listed on Target’s website with a release date of June 30th, 2020. At this time, it’s still unclear if this is the actual release date, or simply a placeholder until they get confirmation. It could mean that we’ll be getting our hands on this game a lot earlier than many expected, so I’d take it with a pinch of salt. Especially as the game itself was only announced at E3 2019

If the release date is true, then the game will come out soon after E3 2020, helping them to ride on the excitement of the biggest gaming event of the year. June 30th is also a Tuesday, which is a commonly chosen weekday for game releases. OK, maybe we can get a little excited about the release date after all.

Elden Ring Trailer and Gameplay

Details on the gameplay itself have been very limited so far – another reason it’s far from completion. We can expect that it will be releasing on next-gen consoles though, despite the trailer listing Xbox One and PS4. If the release is as early as June 2020, it will already be post-Xbox 2 and –PS5 release, so we can’t imagine a big AAA title like this will stick around on a dying generation of consoles. 

What we do have, is a trailer. It’s incredibly cinematic, but what else would we expect from GRRM? Take a look below.

It doesn’t reveal much about the world, or the gameplay. But, now that we know there isn’t one main character in this story, it could be giving us a glimpse at some of the possible characters you can control in the game. There seems to be a big focus on forging something, and there’s definitely a lot of high fantasy moments to drool over. 

Knowing GRRM’s love of detailed storytelling and his love of fantasy, we expect this game to be steeped in lore, and to come with multiple opportunities to shape the outcome of the game through your own decisions. 

Final Word

Information on the Elden Ring release may be sparse, but that hasn’t stopped this fantasy RPG lover from getting very excited. Time will tell if the game is able to live up to the huge expectations that fans have set for it. What do you think? Is June 30th the real release date? Let us know in the comments below!