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Elder Scrolls Online High Isle is the next expansion

The Elder Scrolls Online 2022 chapter focuses on the Legacy of the Bretons.

Updated: Jan 28, 2022 3:58 pm
Elder Scrolls Online High Isle is the next expansion

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Elder Scrolls Online’s next chapter for 2022 features a deeper focus on the Bretons. And, to do so, we are off to a brand new area in Tamriel, called the High Isle,s the luxuries Mediterranean style location of Breton feudalism. The Elder Scrolls Online High Isle expansion features a lore focus to end the three banners war, which is what dominated the open-world PvP conflict and political lore.

ESO High Isle and the ‘Legacy of the Bretons’ chapter

The new ESO High Isle also comes with the usual year-long chapter that will add more locations in the game around High Isle islands. Also, there’s a jungle island that is available from launch, with features jungle penal colony run by the High Isle elite. Expect new dungeons, stories, and maybe even a 12-player trial when the game launches. There’s also some new open-world event content you can interact with.

As for one of the biggest Elder Scrolls Online High Isles features, expect a new card game, called Tales of Tribute. It is pretty much a Gwent style game, except for ESO. Players can get decks, play against NPCs in a campaign, and battle other players. Moreso, the game offers players a variety of rewards for the content they want to get rewards for.

Also, we are getting two new companions that we can use for our adventures. One is a Khajit raised by the streets who is ‘morally flexible’ as someone said on stream. Meanwhile we can get a goody-two-shoes Breton knight to come with us. Both come with their own quests and backstories.

In addition, the announcement of the Elder Scrolls Online High Isle expansion comes with pre-order bonuses. You can also get your hands on the expansion right now by going to your favorite store platform and ordering the expansion. Lastly, those who want to test the new content can get on the test realm in the coming days and test out the upcoming chapter that launches in update 33.  The new Elder Scrolls Online High Isle expansion launches June 6 2022.

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