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Elder Scrolls’ Skooma becomes a real drink thanks to a London based gin company

Don't get too drunk.

Updated: Jan 5, 2022 11:40 am
Elder Scrolls’ Skooma becomes a real drink thanks to a London based gin company

Bethesda has announced that the Elder Scrolls drink, Skooma, is real. The game publisher is teaming up with a London based gin company, Jim and Tonic, to offer Skooma to alcohol connoisseurs worldwide in the form of a custom made Absinthe bottle.

Yes, Elder Scrolls’ Skooma is now a real drink

We have all played the Elder Scrolls’ stumbling upon contraband stashed away in boxes and chests or robbing it from dodgy Khajits. Well, the real world Skooma bottles are attempting to offer drinkers the opportunity to try a rendition of the franchise’s known narcotic. While the drink won’t exactly grant a large stamina buff to you in real life, it will certainly give you a different type of euphoria if managed well.

Jim and Tonic have made the world’s first-ever official Skooma drink, using Absinthe as the basis of the recipe. Absinthe is made from a variety of hers, Sweet fennel and other ingredients. It’s somewhat appropriate to the sweet sugar that the Elder Scroll’s lore says it is and one that has its own heavy, intoxicating controversy.

The Skooma bottle is matching its magical and mythical lore in-game. Jim and Tonic are selling it in an oozing purple jar, reflecting the drink’s alchemical style. The drink is more pinkish than the iconic green associated with traditional absinthe drinks. The pinkish style reflects the bottle’s look in-game and, but not quite exactly.

UK customers can order a 70cl bottle of Skooma at 69% ABV for £69 through the Gim and Tonic website. International orders vary from EU and several international nations excluding the United States and Canada. Remember to drink responsibly if you get your hands on the Skoom.

This is not the first time Bethesda has done brand promotion on the Elder Scrolls franchise in recent months. The publisher recently teamed up with noblechairs to create a Skyrim themed gaming chair.

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