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Error code aw-20001 Street Fighter 6 beta explained & how to fix

Are you getting this error code? It could be because the beta isn't live yet

Updated: May 19, 2023 9:21 am
Error code aw-20001 Street Fighter 6 beta explained & how to fix

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Ever since the Street Fighter 6 Beta first went live, users have been jumping into the game early, seeing the error code aw-20001. There is nothing worse than trying to jump into a game you are dying to try only to be met with a big fat no. Well, initially the error would show as the Street Fighter 6 Beta hadn’t started. The game is now available to play, so if you’re still seeing the error code, you may have to try a couple of things before contacting customer support.

*Unconfirmed but the error looks like it could be server related, there are massive amounts of players trying to access the beta at the moment and Capcom are aware, so time may just have to wait for the issue to be resolved*

Can’t log in to the SF6 beta

The Beta date has not started, relax and play something else. You may be able to pre-load SF6 beta but this error code will appear when you try to play it.

The beta begins on May 19th for all playable regions from 00:00 PDT. This beta will then conclude on May 21st at midnight. To take part you must register a CAPCOM ID and link this to your platform. There is set to be quite a high number of players once again and we are not surprised, who doesn’t love Street Fighter?

As far as we know this communication error code can be seen cross-platform but shouldn’t occur on the launch day. you can check out the demo’s playable characters right here as we fast approach the beta start date.

Can you fix error code aw-20001?

Sometimes this communication error could be caused by external sources like server adjustment, so all you can do is try and eliminate possibilities to get yourself into those servers. You should try restarting your internet connection and PC first and foremost. If on Steam, try verifying the games cache too as this can sometimes be a factor with many games. If the problem persists, you could try reinstalling the beta, contacting Capcom’s customer support.

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