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Eternal Return patch notes introduce new character Mai

The January 5th update 0.49.0 also includes new skins and emotes

Updated: Jan 12, 2022 1:14 pm
Eternal Return patch notes introduce new character Mai

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In its first update of 2022, Eternal Return introduces a new character, Mai, fresh skins for Luke and Nicky, and adorable new Chiara emotes.

To ring in the new year, Nimble Neuron have released patch notes for the newest update of Eternal Return, and it’s a big one. There is a massive list of changes to some weapon and armor stats, a few character price reductions, and even a new Havoc Augment. Here, we’ll just scratch the surface of all the changes in the January 5th update, but you can check out the full list of fixes at playeternalreturn.com.

New Eternal Return playable character Mai

The biggest news to come in these new Eternal Return patch notes is a brand-new playable character, Mai. Mai is a designer, CEO and fashionista, and if looks could kill… Well, with Mai, they do.

In battle, Mai uses her long, stylish shawl as a weapon and a shield, dealing damage as she whips it with Drape, or protecting herself with it using Shawl Veil. Mai’s basic attack is Haute Couture — the pin cushion on the designer’s wrist gains and loses pins as Mai battles, and leveling Haute Couture increases the maximum number of pins that she can hold. Using Drape or Shawl Veil will add a pin, and pins will reset upon exiting combat.

Eternal Return character sheet Mai

Mai’s Eternal Return moves

Haute Couture

  • Extra Damage based on Defense : 8% > 12% > 16%
  • Damage Increase per Pin : 6.5%
  • Max Pins : 2 > 3 > 4

Mai can craft armor pieces Mithril Crop, Áo Dài and Phantom Jacket.


Mai whips her shawl, causing damage to the opposing player.

  • Damage: 10 > 55 > 100 > 145 > 190 (+Attack Power 45%)
  • Range : Radius 2m (Excludes Inner 1m)
  • SP Cost : 70 > 65 > 60 > 55 > 50
  • Cooldown : 5s > 4.5s > 4s > 3.5s > 3s

Using Drape, Mai gains 1 Pin for every enemy hit. She also gains 1 Pin for hitting wild animals, capped at 1 Pin per attack despite how many animals she hits.

Shawl Veil

Mai protects herself with her veil for 1.25 seconds, before it explodes, causing damage to the opposing player.

  • Damage: 50 > 80 > 110 > 140 > 170 (plus Attack Power 50%)
  • Defense Increase : 20% > 22% > 24% > 26% > 28%
  • Movement Speed Increase : 20% > 24% > 28% > 32% > 36%
  • Range : Radius 2.25m (Excludes Inner 1m)
  • SP Cost : 50
  • Charge Time : 28s > 26.5s > 25s > 23.5s > 22s


Mai dashes to an allied player, camera or enemy, gaining a shield and absorbing damage for two seconds. An allied player will receive the same shield, and shielding an ally reduces Catwalk cooldown by 40%.

  • Damage absorbed: 50 > 80 > 110 > 140 > 170 (plus Attack Power 30%)
  • Range: 5m
  • SP Cost : 65 > 70 > 75 > 80 > 85
  • Cooldown : 18s > 17s > 16s > 15s > 14s
  • Recast Cooldown: 0.2s

If Catwalk is used with two or more Pins, two Pins will be consumed, and Mai will be able to use Strut. Using Strut, Mai dashes , dealing damage to enemies within range and taunting them for 1.35 seconds.

  • Range: 4m
  • Attack range: 1.2m
  • Must be cast within 4 seconds


With Exclusive, Mai’s shawl has different effects on enemies or allies.

Exclusive — Enemy cast

Mai must have two or more Pins available, and consumes two, tangling her target in her shawl. The enemy will become invincible and suppressed for 1.2 seconds, after which they will take damage.

  • Damage: Up to 50 > 100 > 150 (plus Attack Power 60%) dependant on enemy HP
  • Range: 3.25m
  • SP Cost : 100 > 120 > 140
  • Cooldown : 75s > 65s > 55s
Exclusive — Ally cast

Mai pulls the allied player close, making them invincible and suppressed for 0.5 seconds, after which time they will be healed. Casting Exclusive on an ally reduces its cooldown by 20%.

  • Health restored: 25 > 50 > 75 (plus Attack Power 30%) (plus Defense 12% > 15% > 18%)
  • Range: 6m
  • SP Cost : 100 > 120 > 140
  • Cooldown : 75s > 65s > 55s

Street Fiend Luke and Alleycat Nicky Eternal Return skins

Street Fiend Luke will be able to be purchased once Eternal Return update 0.49 goes live, while Allycat Nicky will be available for purchase from January 11th, 2022. Meanwhile, four new Chiara Emotes will also be available for purchase.

Street Fiend Luke Eternal Return update patch notes

Eternal Return 0.49 patch notes — Gameplay changes

Item crafting

The item crafting process has been streamlined, and you can now craft items in a box if your inventory is full, so no more dropping items in order to craft. When quick crafting, items in your inventory will take priority over box items.

New Meteorite spawns

Meteorites will now spawn in Uptown and Chapel.

Reduction to loading times and loading screens

  • Borders are now available for Normal matches
  • New loading tips have been added
  • The max wait time for everyone to join the match has been shortened

Quick crafting mistake prevention

  • A new “Quick Crafting – Plan Protected” button has been added
  • Quick Crafting crafts the left-most item in the quick crafting list
  • Quick Crafting – Plan Protected crafts the left-most item, but only crafts items from your Saved Plan
  • “Quick Crafting – Plan Protected” can be customized in Settings
  • “Quick Crafting – Plan Protected” for new players will default to , while “Quick Crafting” will remain empty

Augment changes in Eternal Return patch notes Jan 5th, 2022

Red Sprite – new Havoc Augment

  • Hitting an enemy with a skill inflicts 10 + (Level x 7) skill damage — 20 second cooldown
  • If there is another enemy within four metres of the damaged test subject, an electric current bounces to the test subject, dealing 50% reduced skill damage
  • If only a single test subject was hit, an extra 20% cellular damage is dealt
  • Damaging an enemy with a skill decreases the cooldown of this skill by one second

Changes to Frailty Infliction Havoc Augment

  • Damage has been reduced from Level x 10 True Damage to Level x 4 True Damage
  • Defense reduction has increased from Level x 0.5% to Level x 0.8%
  • Duration has increased from four seconds to five seconds

Changes to Steadfast Fortification Augment

  • Damage Taken Reduction has changed from 12% to 6 + 0.2% per Level
  • The Damage Reduction Effect will continue for 0.5 seconds after immobilization

Character changes in Eternal Return 0.49 patch notes

Character price reductions

Character price reduction eternal return update patch notes
  • Echion has been reduced from 9,900 A-coin to 8,020
  • Adriana has been reduced from 1,075 NP to 970, or 8,020 A-coin to 5,290
  • Hart has been reduced from 970 NP to 870, or 5,290 A-coin to 4,340
  • Aya has been reduced from 645 NP to 285, or 2,140 A-coin to 620

Furthermore, Mai, Rozzi, Shoichi, Isol, Magnus and Fiora’s prices are due to be reduced on January 20th, 2022.

This is just our pick of the changes in these new Eternal Return patch notes as there are too many to list here. Check out all the changes to characters, as well as amendments to weapons and armor, at the official Eternal Return patch notes page.

Eternal Return update 0.49 release time

The Eternal Return 0.49 update will take place on January 5th, 2022. Take a look at the table below for the time in your region. If your area is missing, you can simply work it back from one of the timezones included.

Western America6pm PST — January 5th, 2022
Eastern America9pm EST — January 5th, 2022
United Kingdom2am GMT — January 6th, 2022
Central Europe3am CET — January 6th, 2022
China10am CST — January 6th, 2022
Japan11am JST — January 6th, 2022
Australia1pm AEDT — January 6th, 2022

There’s also an official Eternal Return New Year Raffle taking place at the moment in which you have a chance to win NP, A-coin, Sugar Rush Eleven and more! Find all the details here.

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