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Everything Revealed at the IGN Expo 2022

Updated: Jun 10, 2022 6:33 pm
Everything Revealed at the IGN Expo 2022

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With the June conference season truly started, we’re getting into the thick of IGN’s Summer of Gaming, with the IGN Expo 2022. We can expect some huge announcements, and we’ll be updating you live with all of the biggest game reveals of the show.

Everything at the IGN Expo 2022

You can watch along with the show live in the video above, but we’ll also have a huge list of the games that where at the show updated live below. We’ll also be including links to more details about the biggest games talked about.

  • Alien Fireteam Elite
  • DNF Duel
  • Gunrave G.O.R.E
  • Freaked Flee Pit
  • There is No Light
  • Core Keeper Update
  • No Place for Bravery
  • Project Warlock 2
  • SacriFire
  • Verge World
  • Madison
  • Autopsy Simulator
  • The Unliving
  • Moonscars
  • Outbreak Island
  • Voidtrain
  • Forever Skies
  • Wanderlost
  • Wanted Dead
  • Block and Load 2
  • Blockbuster VR
  • Trail Out
  • Hype Squad
  • Glitch Busters!
  • Quiet Farm
  • Ship of Fools
  • Gori: Cuddly Carnage
  • Coral Island
  • Starkeepers
  • Roots of Pacha
  • Super Zoo Story
  • Dinkum
  • Ratten Reich
  • Beneath Oresa
  • ORX
  • Superfuse
  • River City Saga: Three Kingdoms
  • The Last Worker
  • Evotinction
  • Vice NDRCVR
  • Lifeless Moon
  • The Walkind Dead: Last Mile

The Biggest Reveals at the IGN Expo 2022

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The IGN Expo 2022 was back-to-back trailers, showing off a whole slew of new games of pretty much every kind. Some of the most interesting things shown off include Starkeepers, a new MMO from Wold Pack Games which featured anthropomorphic animals in a sci-fi setting. There was also Blockbuster VR, a game that puts you in the shoes of a Kaiju who must destroy the city, as well as choosing their Kaiju design.

Obviously, the biggest reveal was at the top of the show, with the reveal of the Alien Fireteam Elite Pathogen expansion. It was a great way to start out the show, and revealed a bunch of new content for the game.

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