Fallout 76 Offering $12 a Month Premium Memberships

Big fans of Fallout 76 will be pleased to hear Bethesda’s announcement – they’re launching a premium membership.

A premium membership, called Fallout 1st, costs $12 a month and will get you access to their exclusive server.

According to Bethesda, many players have requested private worlds since the launch of the game so this could be a long-awaited feature finally making an arrival for them. 

What Benefits Does Private Membership Offer?

Aside from access to a private server to play in, membership with Fallout 1st promises a range of additional benefits. 

These include unlimited storage, a monthly stipend of Atoms, a fast travel point and a simple base, as well as all of New Vegas’ best outfits, icons and emotes. The plan for Fallout 76 was originally to just sell cosmetic items. However, Bethesda decided to head in a completely different direction. 

Can You Play With Friends?

While you will have to invest in a membership, another plus is that you can invite friends who aren’t members. 

Only the owner of the membership will be required to pay. However, if the owner leaves the game and there aren’t any other paying members left in the server, the game will be shut down. That limits groups of players somewhat who want to play at different times. 

The good news though is that character progress and C.A.M.P. placements are all saved. 

What Will It All Cost?

The monthly subscription is a pretty steep price of $12/£12 per month. This is a bit more than other MMO subscriptions. If you want to really commit though, you can get an annual subscription with a 36% discount at $100/£100 a year. 

What Do Fallout Fans Say?

A private server, with lots of new player benefits – sounds perfect for some fans of the game. However, Bethesda’s announcement didn’t go down too well with fans. For a glimpse of the reaction around the membership announcement, just head over to their Twitter post

We’d love to hear from others in the community. Do you share their sentiment or are you excited to join a brand new exclusive server?