Fallout 76 Season 6 Release Date, Patch Notes, & More

Fallout 76 Season 6 is almost upon us - here's everything you need to know

fallout 76 season 6

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The latest season of Fallout is being released today, offering up new adventures and content to Xbox One, PS4, and PC Gamers. Season 6 will launch within the next couple of hours and allow players to join a new scoreboard and team up with The Unstoppables!

The new Fallout 76 worlds update is due to go live today (8th September 2021) and features some cool new gameplay additions that are sure to spice things up nicely. In this article, we’ll be taking a closer look at the latest Fallout 76 update to see exactly what’s in store.

Fallout 76 Season 6: Everything You Need To Know

Fallout invites you to “get your cape and mask” as the latest season of Fallout 76 goes live. The latest update will feature some exciting new features where players can join a “The Unstoppables Vs The Diabolicals” scoreboard and earn well over 100 rank-ups.

You’ll aid The Inspect, Silver Shroud, Mistress of Mystery, Manta Man, and Grognak the Barbarian in a quest to take down the Diabolicals – bolstered with old faces that include SamurEye, Pyramid, and Catarax.

Fallout 76 Patch Notes

At the time of writing this, there are no official patch notes available. Luckily, the patch notes are normally released shortly after the update goes live – so stay tuned in the next day or two for the official patch notes.

Fallout 76 New Rewards

Alongside all the action, players will now have the opportunity to earn new rewards after reaching new ranking heights.

Bethesda provided an extensive rundown of the new features, rewards, and challenges this week – here’s what was said:

As you progress on the Scoreboard, you’ll be able to claim a reward each time you reach a new rank, such as consumable items, in-game currencies, Legendary Cores and Modules, weapon skins, C.A.M.P. objects, lots of Unstoppables themed cosmetics, and much more!”

With Season 5, we introduced the ability to continue your Season journey well beyond the previous rank 100 maximum, and Season 6 will do the same. You’ll continue earning rewards for every rank you hit past 100, which includes Perk Card Packs, Legendary Crafting components, consumables, and Atoms.”

We’re adding new Daily and Weekly Challenges to the Season lineup that will ask you to take down creatures or complete events while in costume, or while dressed as a member of The Unstoppables.”

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Fallout 76 Worlds Update Release Date

The new season of Fallout 76 (season 6) will go live on September 8th 2021. 

The new season launch will be unified across PS4, Xbox One, and PC – with all platforms receiving access at the same time. Unfortunately, server maintainence will need to take place between now and the release, meaning that servers will be down for a short period of time. How long that’ll be, we are unsure, but let’s hope it’s not too long.

Fallout 76 Season 6 Trailer

For anyone that missed it, here is the latest update for the Fallout 76 Season 6 trailer that lands on the 8th of September.