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FFXIV Maintenance: When is FF14 Maintenance for Endwalker?

Even the FFXIV servers need to go to bed at night, especially when new expansions launch.

Updated: Dec 2, 2021 9:52 am
FFXIV Maintenance: When is FF14 Maintenance for Endwalker?

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Update: The FFXIV maintenance is now live. The servers are now down for at least 24 hours as Square Enix prepare the global servers for the Endwalker maintenance. If you’re interested in what is coming after the FFXIV maintenance completes, you can get a read on that through the Endwalker patch notes.

Final Fantasy 14 is due to launch in a few days, with the Endwalker early access offering players the opportunity to dive in and get their hands on the MSQ of Endwalker early and continue the story. To ensure players can get their hands on the new content, Square Enix needs to implement an FFXIV maintenance period. Sadly, it means that the game is going to be unavailable for a considerable amount of time.

FFXIV maintenance Endwalker launch

To get ready for the launch of Endwalker’s early access release date on December 3, Square Enix will do a 24 hour maintenance period across the world. The servers are going down on December 2nd. Here is the downtime you can expect in all the game’s major regions and time zones.

  • 1 AM PT
  • 4 AM ET
  • 9 AM GMT
  • 10 AM CET
  • 12 PM MSK
  • 6 PM JST

Note, these times are when the FFXIV maintenance will go live on December 2, coming back to life on December 3. When the servers go live on December 3, you’ll have access to 6.0, Endwalker. For those who pre-order the game, you will get to play Endwalker from that very moment, presuming you have input the Endwalker early access code into your FFXIV Mogstation account.

It is worth mentioning that other aspects of the game’s services will not work too. So, if you’re planning on doing any server transfers, or messing around with companion apps, then they might not work. In the case of the home transfers, that feature will not get enabled until December 4, when the servers are much more stable during the post-launch.

Note, these times are only loose estimations. The servers could go back to a live setting earlier than expected. If you’re interested, you’ll need to pay attention to FFXIV related social media posts. Alternatively, you can head over to the FFXIV website and figure out if that has changed. 

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