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Final Fantasy 14 Patch Notes: FFXIV Endwalker 6.05 patch notes add Pandaemonium savage and more

Here is what you can expect from the new Final Fantasy 14 patch notes

Updated: Jan 4, 2022 11:36 am
Final Fantasy 14 Patch Notes: FFXIV Endwalker 6.05 patch notes add Pandaemonium savage and more

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Final Fantasy 14’s Endwalker expansion is well into its first month, and players love every second of it. While most have completed the MSQ, collecting their prebis gear or levelling more of their jobs to 90, many are making their way through end game content. No matter what you are doing at the minute, the latest Final Fantasy 14 patch notes have something for you.

As of January 4, the FFXIV Endwalker 6.05 patch notes are live. The content is quite a lot. Progression players have a new difficulty to progress through, while players who have spent their time getting plenty of crafting materials for their trade jobs are going to benefit from new gear recipes. For the altaholics, there’s event more combat tuning coming to many combat jobs, offering you a new look at these jobs – especially Ninja and Monk.

FFXIV Endwalker 6.05 patch notes

Arguably the biggest part of the Final Fantasy 14 patch notes is the inclusion of the savage difficulty in the Pandamonium content tier. Players can now enter the Pandamonium; Aspholdelos (Savage) difficulty level. 

To enter the trial through the raid finer feature, you’ll need the following item levels or this difficulty:

  • Asphodelos: The First Circle (Savage) AVG ILVL 570
  • Asphodelos: The Second Circle (Savage) AVG ILVL 575
  • Asphodelos: The Third Circle (Savage) AVG ILVL 580
  • Asphodelos: The Fourth Circle (Savage) AVG ILVL 580

You’ll also have needed to complete the quest – ‘Who Wards the Wardens’, and you’ll also need to speak to Nemjiji in Labyrinthos. Completing the savage raid will reward coffers for every gear slot. These coffers contain the some of the best end game items available. However, the Lodestone does not yet have information pages on the items that come from these coffers just yet.

FFXIV patch notes – crafting items

The level 90 crafting jobs are getting brand-new recipes in the Endwalker 6.05 patch notes. Crafters will be able to craft all-new gear for either item level purposes or serve as new glamour appearances. It’s worth mentioning that this gear will be fairly in demand, especially for the alcoholics who need replaceable gear in their armory. Both crafters and gatherers are going to make a lot of money. Don’t forget to get your free materials through the Duty Finder’s levelling roulette daily reward for those already level 90 and want that extra gil.

FFXIV Endwalker 6.05 patch notes job changes

One of the most extensive notes available on the FFXIV patch notes is the combat job changes. There are plenty of big balance changes coming in Endlwaker 6.05, hopefully adding some needed balance changes to some of the more underperforming classes, while the overtuned ones get toned back. 

Several changes to the Monk affect missing targets. It appears to be in a good spot at the minute, and they are getting even better. If you miss targets with your various stances, you’ll get your Chakra back. Moreso, Elixir Strike, Flint Strike, Rising Phoenix grant Solar Nadi and Formless Fist even when missing a target.

Meanwhile, the Ninja is getting some decent mini reworks. There are big changes to the Execution, Phantom Kamaitachi, Forked Raiju, Fleeting Raiju mechanics. Moreso, Forked Reiju has a powerful potency inrease, moving from 400 to 550 in the latest balance patch.

The other jobs that got potency improvements include the Dragoon and Summoner. Meanwhile, the Reaper got a losing potency nerf on the Arcane Crest skill. Samurai and Scholar, on the other hand, got yalm range buffs.

For those interested, you can find the full in-depth FFXIV patch notes over on the Lodestone, which we have linked.

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